Halloween ComicFest coming October 29, 2016 to area comic stores

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you read comic books? Even more importantly, do you like free stuff? If you answered yes to any of these, then you should trick or treat yourself to Halloween ComicFest!

Wonder Woman and Steve
Wonder Woman and Steve from Minecraft are both characters that are popular with kids and adults. Photo by Doug Deal.

Halloween ComicFest will be held on October 29 at participating comic shops all across America, with 2016 marking its 5th anniversary. Much like Free Comic Book Day, which takes place in May each year, Halloween ComicFest is a great time to make your way down to your local comic shop, join in the celebration, and score some free comics! The difference is that the comics are Halloween themed and each store usually holds Halloween themed events, such as costume contests, to aid in the festivities. The Middle Georgia area is lucky enough to have three great locations to choose from.

Heroes and Villains at 117 Russell Parkway, Suite F in Warner Robins will have a storewide sale with discounts up to 50% off, three separate costume contests (kids, teens, and adults) complete with store credit prizes for first place and honorable mention, door prizes, and free comics for the kids. See their Facebook page for complete details or set yourself a reminder with their event page.

Vigilantes Comics & Café, located at 1291 S Houston Lake Rd, Suite J in Warner Robins, will celebrate from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm. Everyone who attends will receive free comics and candy on a first come, first served basis. Vigilantes will start the day with a mini sale. There will be several events for kids, such as carnival games, a coloring contest, and a costume contest. For gamers, there will be a Halloween edition Heroclix tournament and a Spooky Magic the Gathering tournament. Visit their Facebook page for more information. They also have an event page with a full schedule of events.

Comics Plus at 4007 Northside Drive in Macon will also be participating in the event, but could not be reached for event details.

You can find out more about Halloween ComicFest at their Facebook page or visit their official website where you can locate other participating retailers.

St. Joseph’s School: Mission Moments in the Classroom

Macon Community News invites local schools to submit updates to better inform the residents of Macon and Middle Georgia about the good things happening in education. These updates are from St. Joseph’s Catholic School.

St. Josephs Thank You
Credit – St. Joseph’s Catholic School

St. Joseph’s Catholic School Mission Statement:

St. Joseph’s Catholic School, a parish community guided by the Gospel values and Catholic tradition, is dedicated to educating, nurturing, and encouraging, the minds, body, and spirit of every child, creating lifelong learners and stewards of the Faith.

Each week our teachers submit Mission Moments in the Classroom. These are moments, actions, or statements from students in the class that directly reflect our mission statement. We love seeing our mission statement in action in the daily lives and education of our students. Below are some recent Mission Moments from our classrooms.

  • “Can I put this extra money I have in our class mission jar?”
  • Sixth grade is planning opportunities to serve our school community through, Student Council, the House System, and Missions Committee.
  • The students have warmly welcomed new friends and have helped each other in the classroom.
  • “I let my brother hit first when playing baseball just like Abraham from the story.”
  • “Today I prayed with a student who was concerned about a sick relative. His parents were so thankful for this.”
  • We acknowledge genuine acts of kindness in the classroom each time they occur.”
  • The students are actively adding prayers to the classroom prayer wall.

If your school or organization would like to publish an update, announcement or bulletin, please use our submission page. The submission should be ready for publication, but may be edited by us for style or formatting. We may be in touch after your submission for verification, to request photos or get more information.

Which Wich has a lot of options for lunch

I am not normally a sandwich person and am usually dissatisfied with the standard Subway style sandwiches you get from most places. Even worse are the cold cuts on sliced bread places which basically charge you for something you could easily make at home. Also, since food is something I enjoy, there is just something unsatisfying to me about wasting a meal eating a mere sandwich.

Which Wich - Macon
Which Wich is located across the street from the Emergency Departent of the Medical Center and shares a building with Dunkin Donuts. Photo by Doug Deal.

Sometimes, though, a good sandwich can hit the spot, especially for lunch and especially when in a hurry. Once place to consider is Which Wich. It’s a chain, which is not usually the type of restaurant we cover, but there is a such a large gap in the options for local quick service sandwich places in Macon, that we’ve made an exception.

Across from the Medical Center and next to Dunkin Donuts, the restaurant offer a large selection of sandwiches (over 40) and several options for bread, toppings, meats and cheese. For those who like sandwiches served on bread but want to cut back a little, they have a “skinny” options which is a regular roll with the middle scooped out. This removes a bit of the calories and carbs from the sandwich, but still gives the sensation of eating a real sandwich.

Which Wich Menu
Which Wich has a large menu of sandwich divided up into 10 categories. Each category has its own bag from which you record your selections. Photo by Doug Deal.

The sandwich sizes start with a 7-inch and include a 10.5-inch and a 14-inch. The 7-inch is a fairly large portions, so most people will find that acceptable and the 14-inch is perfect for sharing. For those who want no bread at all, they will also serve the sandwich in a bowl as a salad or inside a lettuce wrap. If you choose a bread, you also have the option of having it toasted as a “hotwich” or not as a “coldwich”.

Cheese options include the usual like cheddar, Swiss, American and provolone, and also include mozzarella, blue, pepper jack and Parmesan. Different sandwich allows for differing amounts of cheese and most sandwiches allow you to double the cheese for a $1.00 or the meat for $2.00 on a 7-inch.

Which Wich Counter
You sandwich is prepared while you wait by the specifications you marked on your bag when you placed your order. No need to stand around and repeat your request to three different people. Photo by Doug Deal.

There are also a number of dressings available, starting with your basic mayos like regular and spicy, and mustards like deli, yellow and Dijon. But there are also several more exotic options like Balsamic vinaigrette, Buffalo, ranch and pesto. Toppings can be chosen from lettuce, spinach, tomato, pickles, onions, mushrooms, avocado, sliced egg and many more. Pretty much anything you might want on a sandwich is available.

When confronted with so many options, it is easy to get a bit mixed up and leave something out, which is where one of their innovations comes in. If you don’t order online, which is highly recommended, you select what type of your sandwich you want from 10 different categories. After selecting the appropriate numbered bag, you mark your selections in pencil and the crew uses that as their guide in preparing your sandwich. If you leave something off, the cashier will ask you about it and fill it in at the register. This greatly reduces errors and in the few times I have been there, I have not been on the receiving end of a mistake.

Which Wich - The Wicked
The Wicked is a meat lovers dream, having pepperoni, ham, roast beef, bacon and turkey. It also comes with three kinds of cheese of your choice. This is the 7-inch and is big enough for almost anyone’s lunch. Photo by Doug Deal.

The restaurant is on the small side, like most sandwich places, but if you hit the off peak times, there is rarely an issue with finding a table. Generally, I have gotten mine to go and you are usually in an out before too long.

My current favorite sandwich is The Wicked, which is a meat lover’s dream with turkey, roast beef, bacon, pepperoni and ham. It is also served with your choice of three kinds of cheese. The 7-inch was more than enough for lunch and comes in at $7 plus tax for the sandwich only and $10 for the sandwich with chips and drink. It’s a bit more pricey than Subway, but not too much more and the quality AND quantity make it worth the extra money.

There is only one location in Macon, 860 Forsyth St. Ste. 102, Macon, GA 31210, but another is listed as coming soon at Mercer University.

St. Joseph’s School: The SJS House System

Macon Community News invites local schools to submit updates to better inform the residents of Macon and Middle Georgia about the good things happening in education. These updates are from St. Joseph’s Catholic School.

The “house” system has its roots in the British school system where boarding students are divided into mixed-age groups in order to help meet their basic physical, emotional, and social needs and to create a sense of a “family” as they compete against the other houses in sporting and charity events.

St. Josephs Thank You
Credit – St. Joseph’s Catholic School

The house system at St. Joseph’s Catholic School is for students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.  Students are divided into six houses during the Hat Sorting Ceremony at the beginning of the school year, and remain in the same house until they graduate from SJS. Each house is named after a saint and has a motto, mascot, color, and cheer. Teacher mentors oversee the houses, and house captains (student leaders who have applied and been selected for the position) help plan and lead the house meetings that occur once a month.

House members work together every month to earn points for their house by participating in church events, being involved in extracurricular activities, competing in school-wide contests, displaying positive behavior, engaging in service activities, and getting involved in additional activities that might be going on in the school, church, or community that month. The house that earns the most points each month wins a dress down day and a special lunch together, which includes an ice cream sundae bar. The house that earns the most points for the entire year is treated to a fun field trip at the end of the school year.

All the houses get together for a house-wide event four times throughout the school year.  These house-wide events encourage cooperation and team-building. The biggest house-wide event occurs in the spring: the House Cup Tournament. The tournament involves a series of relay races. The victor wins the House Cup, and the house that shows the most teamwork, positive spirit, and good sportsmanship during the races wins the Saints Award. Both of these awards are always on display in the trophy case in the front lobby of the school.

If your school or organization would like to publish an update, announcement or bulletin, please use our submission page. The submission should be ready for publication, but may be edited by us for style or formatting. We may be in touch after your submission for verification, to request photos or get more information.

Georgia National Fair in full swing

The Georgia National Fair in Perry opened on Thursday, October 6, and will run through Sunday, October 16, 2016, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry.

Georgia Fair Swings
There are plenty of exciting rids for the kids at the Georgia National Fair. Photo by Doug Deal.

Families from all across the state travel to Perry to experience all of the best in wholesome fun. Be prepared to walk A LOT, although there are accommodations including handicapped parking and trolley transportation from the parking lots to the fairgrounds. Still, comfortable shoes and clothing are a wise choice.

There are many choices of food vendors selling everything from traditional fair foods like corn dogs, funnel cakes, and turkey legs, to Greek specialties, steak sandwiches, and grilled veggies. There are also treats ranging from Mayfield ice cream to apple dumplings, and of course, caramel apples and lots of cotton candy. New food vendors this year include Cedar River Seafood, the Donut Shop, and Coolicious Treats.

Among the most popular attractions at the Georgia National Fair are the midway rides, which include a Ferris wheel, a small roller coaster, and a high swing. A special selection of kiddie rides includes spinning cups and a child-sized roller coaster. Several rides are proportioned so that parents can ride with their children. The Agri-lift carries riders high above the midway, and rentable paddle boats let families enjoy time on the water below.

A note about the rides: on weekdays and the final Sunday of the fair, ride-all-you-want armbands are available, but they are not sold for the first full weekend of the fair, or on the second Saturday. Tickets for rides are approximately a dollar each, although purchasing in bulk gives a discount on ticket price, and most rides cost 3-5 tickets, though some cost even more. Also, some attractions, like the paddle boats, are cash pay. On Terrific Tuesday, arm bands are discounted, so if you love rides, or have children who do, it may be well worth it to make a weeknight trip.

The rides aren’t the only fun at the fair. The Georgia National Fair website has a map of all the attractions, as well as printable schedules for daily performances, livestock shows, horse competitions, and special events. Plan ahead!

Georgia National Fair - Rides
The Wiggle-Worm is a popular ride with younger children. Photo by Doug Deal.

Among the fun performances scheduled for the fair include daily magician shows, sea lion performances, a petting zoo with special feeding times, and many other daily concerts and performances. Every night at 10 p.m., the fair closes with fireworks over the pond.

One of the coolest opportunities for families is the chance to go see the Royal Hanneford Circus inside the fair, and admission is already included in your fair entrance fee. Showtimes are 4 p.m., 6 p.m., and 8 p.m. daily, with an additional 2 p.m. show on Saturday.

Between livestock and equestrian shows, fairgoers can roam through the barns and see the cows, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens, and other animals on display at the fair. Unlike in past years, children can’t hold the baby chicks, but watching them is always fun.

There are many educational exhibits at the Georgia National Fair. These include livestock and wildlife exhibits, and agricultural and gardening exhibits. The Miller-Murphy-Howard Building, Heritage Hall, and the Georgia Grown building house these exhibits. One of the newest exhibits is the bee story, devoted to Georgia’s beekeeping and honey producing industry. In the Georgia Grown building, fairgoers also have the opportunity to support Georgia agri-industry by purchasing homegrown products sold at the Georgia Grown Pavilion.

Nearby, in the McGill Marketplace Shops, vendors offer everything from leaf-guard gutters to handmade fudge and jewelry to boots. It’s a great place to start your holiday shopping. If you have a Thomas train fan, be sure to check out the train tables set up in the back corner, where your little engineer can play with trains while you relax on nearby benches.

At the Georgia National Fair, there is truly something for everyone. Fun fair foods, exciting rides and performances, free concerts for lovers of all kinds of music, livestock shows, equestrian shows, educational exhibits, and much, much more. There is no better way to enjoy all of the best that Georgia has to offer, and it’s a great way to celebrate fall in Middle Georgia.

For more information, including daily schedules and ticket information, please visit the Georgia National Fair website at http://georgianationalfair.com/