Cox Cafe cooks up comfort cuisine

By Doug Deal Macon Community News When we do a restaurant review at Macon Community News, we usually focus on full-service establishments. Occasionally, however, we like to share our experiences at quick-service comfort food restaurants. This month, we visited just such a place: Cox Cafe, a cafeteria-style restaurant located at 694 Lower Poplar Street near [...]

Cuban Island serves up all your Cuban favorites

By Doug Deal Macon Community News I am always on the lookout for something different when it comes to restaurants, and sometimes something new brings you back to an old favorite. Such is the case with Cuban Island Cafe. Years ago, the restaurant at 402 GA Route 247, Suite 300 in Bonaire, was home to [...]

Kudzu Seafood Company will grow on you

By Doug DealMacon Community News While many of you may have been enjoying Macon Burger Week, a lesser-hyped but equally delicious story was breaking on the corner of Poplar and Third. After what has seemed like an eternity, Kudzu Seafood Company opened the doors to its new location at 512 Popular Street. Kudzu is a [...]

Road to college begins early

By Sadie LackeyCAES College acceptance is not typically at the top of a middle school student’s to-do list, but preparation for higher education should begin somewhere between after-school practice and math homework at this age. Believe it or not, students should be thinking of their future career paths before they tackle high school, said Katie [...]

Rutland High School FCCLA students lead at national convention

By Stephanie HartleyBibb County School District Paige Riser and Sabrina Rutledge, two students from Rutland High School, competed in the National STAR Event Competition at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference. Rutland High School’s chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) attended the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Anaheim, California, from June 30th [...]

Strengthen your community to fortify your future

By Jim Beall Beall Financial Planning Social media is a useful tool to stay in touch with old friends and acquaintances. It can come in handy when the unexpected occurs. Recently, a friend’s family was traveling home to Georgia when their car broke down in North Carolina. After the call from his wife, my friend [...]

Dental treatment for better sleep

By Dr. Shelia Shah Macon Smiles Snoring may seem like a harmless sleeping habit, but it may be having a more significant impact on your daily life than you think. Commonly referred to as “sleep apnea,” snoring is basically a condition where your airways collapse, shrink or are blocked, preventing you from getting enough air [...]