Macon Community News is back as an online news source

Macon Community News first printing in color
Macon Community News being printed in color for the first time as the second issue comes off the press. Photo by Doug Deal

It was three years ago this July, when the print edition of Macon Community News was mailed to 12,000 households and businesses in Macon-Bibb County. The run lasted 6 months and our last issue was published in December 2013.

Our intent has always been to bring the paper back in some form and now 30 months after the last print issue went to press, this online only edition is born.

At first, content will not grow quickly, so bear with us as we renew our partnerships with content generators and form new ones. If you are interested in contributing, we will be posting a contact form soon for that purpose.

Our stories will follow the model of the print edition, which will focus on positive stories that highlight the people, businesses and events in the Macon community. This will include the following:

  1. Profiles on locally owned businesses
  2. Profiles on local people or those who have impacted the local area
  3. Coverage of local governments, town halls and forums
  4. Features about local service, social, and charitable organizations
  5. Stories about local schools, including sports
  6. Information about local crime and safety
  7. Announcements about local happenings and events
  8. Menus and reviews about local restaurants
  9. Local commentary of interest to people in the Macon community
  10. Anything we see fit to publish
First color issue of Macon Community News
Closeup of the first color issue of the Macon Community News. Photo by Doug Deal.




Published by Doug Deal

Founder Doug Deal is a former chemical engineer from Georgia Tech who switched careers into software development at the turning of the millennium. He has lived in Macon for nearly 12 years and started Macon Community News in 2013 with his wife Lauren. His goal in starting the newspaper was to publicize positive news because he grew tired of so much negativity driving most local coverage. He has 2 children, Sam and Isobel.