Macon Beer Company now in bottles

Macon Progress and Macon Love bottles
Macon Beer Company now offers two popular brews, Macon Love and Macon Progress in amber bottles at Kroger. Photo by Doug Deal

Macon Progress and Macon Love are now available at your local Kroger and other locations in the state. The large sized bottles are sold at prices set by your local vendor. Congratulations to Jeremy Knowles and the Macon Beer Company for this major step into the marketplace.

The Macon Beer Company will always have a special place with us because they were the first front page story the Macon Community News had ever run. Founded close to the same time, we were tentative and unsure and somewhat overwhelmed with the daunting task of publishing a 12 page broadsheet newspaper as a two person team. As we toured the facility, that would be their brewery which was very much under construction, our tasks seemed much less challenging.

It has been exciting to see the success of the Macon Beer Company, and we look forward to kicking back and enjoying these two bottles.




Published by Doug Deal

Founder Doug Deal is a former chemical engineer from Georgia Tech who switched careers into software development at the turning of the millennium. He has lived in Macon for nearly 12 years and started Macon Community News in 2013 with his wife Lauren. His goal in starting the newspaper was to publicize positive news because he grew tired of so much negativity driving most local coverage. He has 2 children, Sam and Isobel.