Area filmmakers shooting TV pilot in Macon

A group of independent Middle Georgia filmmakers are shooting a television pilot in the coming weeks in Macon.  The working title is “The Hutchins”, which is a sitcom that combines the wholesome quality of family sitcoms of the past with the issues of today such as the problems with social media.

Kaden McMillion as Olin
Kaden McMillion has been cast as Olin, the eight-year-old adoptive son of the Hutchins. Photo courtesy The Hutchins.

According to Producer Mista Martel the story is “Andy Griffith meets Family Matters.  We are seeking to meet a need. and bring a true family sitcom to prime-time.”

The eponymous Hutchins “are a family on the move” according to the production’s press kit. The story will follow the parents Denver (Michael H. Cole) and Wednesday (Sharon Wilson), and their children, teenage daughter September (Kelly Johns), eight year old Olin (Kaden McMillion) and college-aged Giselle (Emmaleigh Bailey).

“Our goal is to enhance the status of the local Georgia film industry from the inside – local feature film – locally produced and filmed.”   As an independent group, they are working with Indiegogo to raise capital for the productions costs.

Michael H Cole star of The Hutchins
Michael H Cole is slated to star as Mr. Hutchins, the family patriarch. Photo courtesy of the Hutchins.

The project is headed by producers Mista Martel & Sam Wilson who have worked together on a number of other projects. They bring in series writer Mary Kate Allen who will round out the creative team.

Mr. Martel is also and actor and has been in TV shows such as Rectify and Resurrection.  Sam Wilson is fresh off Podcasters where he was executive producer.

This project will bring some of the excitement of the booming film industry to Macon, which has been host to several large and small production TV shows and feature films.

Their fundraising on Indiegogo has concluded, but they are still looking for contributors who can help in any way. Since they are independent, every contribution goes a long way.

To reach the production, send email to



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