Tattnall Square Park offers peace, exercise and green space

Tattnall Fountain Family
A family enjoys the restored fountain in Tattnall Square Park on a Summer afternoon. Photo by Doug Deal.

If you haven’t been to Tattnall Square Park in the last couple of years, you are missing out on the numerous improvements made by the city and local volunteers such as Friends of Tattnall Square Park. The site also offers a quality tennis complex where one can take lessons, play in a tournament or simply practice against a ball machine.

Tattnall Fountain
Tattnall Square Park has greatly improved due to restoration efforts. The lush trees and the fountain are a testament to that. Photo by Doug Deal.

The most obvious improvement is the restoration of the Centennial Tattnall Park Fountain, which takes center stage at the park. Through funding from the Knight Neighborhood Challenge, Piedmont Construction Group, Sierra Development Corporation and Mercer University the Friends of Tattnall Square Park were able to restore the long non-working fountain. Originally placed in 1914 during another period of park restoration, the fountain stopped working in 1934 due to the lack of maintenance and funding available during the Great Depression. Its current location is designed to sit at the center of radiating pathways that traverse the park.

Love in the Park at Tattnall Square
The Tattnall Square Fountain has four inscriptions. This one is love, what is your favorite. Photo by Doug Deal.

This enormous fountain features inspiring inscriptions around the base and the walkways. The fountain itself has four progressively larger elevated basins into which water overflows from the bowl above, ultimately ending up in the pool that surrounds its base. There is plenty of seating space for relaxing and contemplating the beauty of the park.

Also at the park is a sizeable gazeebo near an open field and playground. It is the perfect spot for a picnic or an event. The venue can be rented from the city at a reasonable fee that helps pay for maintenance and services such as bathrooms and trash. This gives the group exclusive access during the time reserved.

Tattnall Gazebo
Tattnall Square Park offers a Gazebo that can be rented from the city for a small fee for events. At all other times it is open to the public. Photo by Doug Deal.

The trees that have been added by the Friends of Tattnall Square Park has greatly improved the appearance and access to shade. Still young, these trees will eventually provide even more respite from the Summer sun in the years to come.

Another impressive feature of the park is the Tattnall Square Tennis Center. The facility offers 9 full sized lighted tennis courts as well as 4 half sized courts for junior players. Players can rent a court and all the equipment needed to play as well as a automatic ball machine for solo practice. On the outside of the center is a two sided practice wall for players to hone their groundstrokes when a partner is not available.

Tattnall Tennis Art
Tattnall Square Park has numerous sculptures and landmarks and the tennis center is no exception. Photo by Doug Deal.

For those needing lessons, the center has instructors for most levels and has a wonderful program for children. That program includes after school instruction for parents who work as well as a full day program in the Summer.

They offer frequent tournaments for any skill level and if you are looking to get into tennis for the first time or reconnect with a lifelong love of the game, the Tattnall Square Tennis Center is a great place to start.

Macon has a number of wonderful amenities and Tattnall Square Park is one of the crown jewels of the city. All of this is thanks to a partnership between city government, local activists, Mercer University and various philanthropic organizations and is an example of what can be accomplished with a positive vision and the will to carry it out.

Tattnall All Natural
Tattnall Square Park is also home to many temporary art projects like this sculpture “All Natural” by artist Jenn Garrett. The park’s playground can be found to the left. Photo by Doug Deal.

360 image of Tattnall Square Park. Move the image to see in all directions. Photo by Doug Deal.

360 image of the Tattnall Square Tennis Center. Move the image to see in all directions. Photo by Doug Deal.





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