Commentary: Statesmenship – a WRECK lost at SEE

No doubt we live in an overstimulated state as our senses are juxtaposed with sounds and images from the beast that us multi media. Information, misinformation, and everything in between pressed into our psyche until we are now in a perpetual state of shock or so inundated with the most adorable and vile depictions that we become emotionally paralyzed or indifferent. This Babylonian-like confusion where lines are crossed morally and ethically and all of our boundaries nearly compromised or violated on far too regular of a basis. Thus we have seen the virtue and craft of “Statesmanship” lost to what we see, and our faith in our leaders good conduct wrecked.

Pastor L. W. Gainey
Pastor L. W. Gainey

Them Democrats! Those Republicans! Only if it were confined upon political or sectarian lines. Not for our story, tomorrow’s history that is. We have become a culture who has prepared an immediate retort to every possible insult; yet where has the ability to hear and reason gone? Is it not so that all our “devices” get a greater deal of our attention and consideration than those who walk among us in the flesh?

“Too much TV is bad for you” I was told as a child, along with “don’t stand to close to the TV, or watch TV in the dark”- Now here we are reading no longer books but screens! There is no Nightly News for an hour of my 16 hour day- rather 24/7 cyclic pronouncements of every evil and woe that could be known from across the Globe. Statesmanship, a behavior, demonstrated the ability of a man or woman in leadership to conduct themselves in such a way that whom the represented were elevated in respect and dignity. Yet the values of respect and dignity themselves are nearly muted by the clamorous tumult that has usurped our better angels.

Ah when sounding “Presidential” mattered and regalia, not flamboyance, was the banner of better men. If we cannot in these present days find a way back to virtue and class we shall loose an invaluable National Treasure: American Humanity. Historically most of this worlds Mission Fields, Red Cross Missions, and Hunger Relief Organizations are products of American Humanity, and exceptional characteristic of our landscape best represented by Statesmanship and Strength- yet now are these not deemed weak or offensive?

Surely from one generation to the next all have thought the new was outflanking the old with silly gadgets and innovations. Yet I declare the “mass impersonation” of media produced personalities combined with increasingly growing ways to receive “the message” will lead to mass cultivation of a society driven by what it sees, and only sees what is purposely selected to impress upon the minds of millions a “new man”- not made in the image of God, rather the image of those looking to assimilate the outlying whole to the few within. In a word “subjects”.

The Statesmen has been replaced by the sensationalist, the Intellectual with the Charismatic, and the Inquisitive with the critique. Common respect and human dignity are the antidote to this viral indifference and age of widely accepted ill behaviors; yet I contend to have these two, love must first be held in the highest place in our hearts and minds. Love of our Creator and One Another will always lead to decency and order in our steps. America needs to learn “love” again, and her Statesmanship restored.