Quik Shop is a nice place to fill up your tank

One of the goals of Macon Community News is to do profiles of ordinary businesses to highlight the services they provide so that people needing those services can find them.

Eating out isn’t always about a gourmet meal in a downtown restaurant. Sometimes it is about convenience, location and friendly service.

Quickshop Pizza - Hunt Brothers
Hunt Brothers Pizza is available at Quik Shop. We got a half cheese, half sausage and pepperoni for our picnic lunch and it was made in front of us in 6 minutes. Photo by Doug Deal.

If you travel between Warner Robins and Macon, you might take GA-247 / US 129 going either north and south. If you need gas, a drink, a snack or even a meal, there are not many options. If you frequent the area for work and travel it daily, you might want to stop by the Quik Shop at 7285 Hawkinsville Road in South Macon for a fast breakfast sandwich, hearty lunch or even a dinner to take home.

My family and I were traveling that route on our way to the Museum of Aviation, just south of Robins Air Force Base. It was around lunch time, so while on route, we decided to get some food and make it a picnic lunch at the museum. Unfortunately, the places to eat are scarce on that stretch of road and we were far from the restaurants you might find closer to the main highways.

Quickshop Cold Food and Sandwiches
Quik Shop offers a selection of deli sandwiches made daily in their kitchen. They also have cut fruit and salads. Photo by Doug Deal.

Lucky, we pulled into Quik Shop and found what we were looking for. Now, a gas station isn’t gourmet food by any means, but they have an electric impingement oven, deep fryer and a small clean prep area that allows them to make food on site. They partner with Hunt Brothers Pizza, which is a fast service pizza operation. Honestly, I was surprised by the quality and in a hurry, it’s pretty good and can easily feed the family in a pinch, or serve as a nice lunch if you work at some of the industrial places near the shop.

They also have sandwiches that they make on site daily, filled with anything from deli meat to hamburgers to chicken salad. Their cookies are also made on site and we grabbed a couple large ones to split. Both the peanut butter and the red velvet were extremely good.

Quickshop owner Sam Patel
Sam Patel is the friendly proprietor of Quik Shop. Here, he poses in front of their cold prepared foods. Photo by Doug Deal.

The owner, Sam Patel, and his family run the convenience store. He was extremely welcoming and told us that during weekdays they make chicken livers, which happens to be a favorite comfort food of mine, as I mentioned in my review of Grey Goose a while back. I did not try them, as they don’t run their lunch counter on Sundays, but I might have to stop by and try them the next time I am passing through during the week.

Drink options were plentiful as well. They had the usual coffee, fountain and bottled drinks, but there was also a selection of Cappuccino, hot chocolate, and a variety of slushes. Again, it is a quick food stop in a gas station, but the strawberry slush that my daughter ordered was good. They also offer peach-mango, sour-watermelon, and sour green apple.

Quickshop Coffee
Fresh ground coffee for as little over as buck in whatever size suits your needs. Photo by Doug Deal.

Quik Shop is not where you would spend Friday night out or celebrate a birthday party, but if you want a decent meal for lunch, a quick weekday meal for the family, a carton of milk or eggs, or a picnic like us, it has a good variety of options to please different appetites. You can also fill up your other tank, your fuel tank, at the pumps out front.

You can visit their Facebook page for more information and daily specials.

Quickshop Slushes
Quik Shop has four varieties of slushes in two sizes. Photo by Doug Deal.
Quickshop Cookies
The cookies at Quik Shop are made in house and are delicious. The red velvet cookies, pictured in the second row to the left are incredible.
Quickshop Hot Sandwiches
Quik Shop has hot sandwiches made on site, including large and small hamburgers and breakfast sandwiches. Photo by Doug Deal.



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