Commentary: Allen Buckley candidate for US Senate

Macon Community News invites all candidates and officer holders who represent any part of Macon to submit columns for publication in order to get their message directly to the voters without editorializing by the media. We ask that the articles stay focused on issues as much as possible and only mention opponents occasionally. Our first candidate op-ed was submitted by Allen Buckley, a Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Georgia.

I’m a fiscally conservative attorney/CPA who has studied the financial problems of our nation for more than 12 years. On our nation’s current path, I believe the entire financial system will collapse within the next 20 years. In 2007, the GAO said it foresees our nation’s debts spiraling out of control. Since then, federal debt has more than doubled.

Allen Buckley
Allen Buckley, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Georgia. Photo courtesy Allen Buckley for US Senate.

In his 2014 book titled “Dead Men Ruling,” former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Eugene Steuerle, foresaw a global depression unless the U.S. gets its financial house in order. Reasonably smaller government and less regulation must be part of the solution. Neither major party has an interest in such things.  Rather, they are merely interested in getting into power or staying in power.

The materials on my website ( show I have thoroughly analyzed all or virtually all of the major problems our nation faces.  None of them are more significant than the financial problems.  Nothing but tremendous growth of debt is anticipated going forward.

Most of the growth is due to entitlements, which now comprise approximately 70 percent of federal spending.  When the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff says our greatest national security threat is our debt, as Admiral Mike Mullen did in 2011, you know that our debt is the greatest threat.

The proposals outlined on my website include a much simpler tax system (that I spent years creating) that is progressive and transparent.  The tax proposal prevents double taxation while forcing balanced budgets by using algebra.  Other proposals include: (a) reasonable entitlements reform that will induce consumers of health care to be more prudent consumers; (b) regulation reduction through financial accountability to heads of federal agencies; (c) reasonable reduction to the more than 800 foreign military bases (when the rest of the world combined has less than 60 foreign bases); and (d) transfer of many powers and responsibilities to the states.

My Republican opponent, Johnny Isakson, has voted for over $7,000,000,000,000 of debt. He voted for the Omnibus Spending Bill for 2016. The Conservative Review scores him at 34(F).  The Heritage Foundation scores him at 51(F).  Georgia ranks 37th in the country in per capita return on income tax dollars sent to DC.  Many think Johnny plans to get elected and then step down so Nathan Deal can pick our next U.S. senator. We need someone very different than Johnny and his party’s ideas and results. (Federal spending and debt grew substantially from 2001-2006, under Republican policies).  Election of Democrat Jim Barksdale, as a freshman Democrat in his 60s, would accomplish nothing.

The only way anything positive gets done in the upcoming election is for me to win. If I do so, Georgia will be telling the rest of the nation: We get it, and we are sending someone to fight for the necessary changes to preserve our nation.



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