St. Joseph’s School: Mission Moments in the Classroom

Macon Community News invites local schools to submit updates to better inform the residents of Macon and Middle Georgia about the good things happening in education. These updates are from St. Joseph’s Catholic School.

St. Josephs Thank You
Credit – St. Joseph’s Catholic School

St. Joseph’s Catholic School Mission Statement:

St. Joseph’s Catholic School, a parish community guided by the Gospel values and Catholic tradition, is dedicated to educating, nurturing, and encouraging, the minds, body, and spirit of every child, creating lifelong learners and stewards of the Faith.

Each week our teachers submit Mission Moments in the Classroom. These are moments, actions, or statements from students in the class that directly reflect our mission statement. We love seeing our mission statement in action in the daily lives and education of our students. Below are some recent Mission Moments from our classrooms.

  • “Can I put this extra money I have in our class mission jar?”
  • Sixth grade is planning opportunities to serve our school community through, Student Council, the House System, and Missions Committee.
  • The students have warmly welcomed new friends and have helped each other in the classroom.
  • “I let my brother hit first when playing baseball just like Abraham from the story.”
  • “Today I prayed with a student who was concerned about a sick relative. His parents were so thankful for this.”
  • We acknowledge genuine acts of kindness in the classroom each time they occur.”
  • The students are actively adding prayers to the classroom prayer wall.

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