Do you remember your favorite movies as a kid? Have you ever regretted not going to the theater to view them? Well fret no more because GTC Houston Lake Cinemas has just what the doctor ordered. It’s called Flashback Cinema and it’s sure to enlighten all who prefer an occasional scroll down memory lane. “Flashback Cinema is a classic program featured at select theaters. There will be a different classic movie each week with shows on Sundays and Wednesdays.” The price is the same as what you would generally pay for standard admission which is $10.00 for adults and $7.50 for seniors and children. During applicable times, anyone can view a movie matinée for $7.50 as well.

For children, the theater will also offer the “2017 Summer Kids Show Series.” It runs from June to July with new movies showing every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10AM appropriate for a younger audience. The admission for the 2017 Summer Kids Show Series is $1.50 with Drinks and popcorn also priced at $1.50 each.

Houston Lake Cinema Flashback
Houston Lake Cinemas offers a chance to see classic movies on the big screen. Photo by Donja M. Harper.

From a movie enthusiast standpoint, Flashback Cinema is sure to conjure up some old childhood memories. Memories of a time when movies were less “CGI” and shot on location with amazing practical effects. It’s just my opinion but I believe motion pictures appeared more vivid with practical effects. But, I will also admit Computer Generated Imagery or “CGI” is also cool on certain movies. For instance, “The Marvel vs DC” comic book remakes. CGI has definitely proved to be a godsend in that genre. But when it comes to classics like “Raiders of the Lost Arc” and “Jaws” the practical standard effects were astonishing. I mean who could forget “E.T.” it was the definitive example of a reality meets science fiction drama. I also have my fingers crossed for a viewing of  “An American Werewolf in London” which is another practical effect masterpiece.

Most would agree that to appreciate cinema is to appreciate individualism as it is a reflection of one’s imagination. You may have heard the phrase ‘history repeats itself,” well to expound on that notion. I’ll add a quote from Pablo Picasso who said, “Good artist borrow, Great artist steal.” And in a business where creativity is boundless one must appreciate the past in order to understand the present. That is why I believe Flashback Cinema is a great idea. There’s nothing like viewing a good postmodern film on the big screen. It is a great way to perceive how film has evolved and reached such heights as it has today.

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