Fido, Spot, Rex, four-legged friend – whatever you call the feline or canine companion in your life, there’s a new option for all your grooming needs. In April of this year, Stephanie Welch and her husband opened Blossom’s Grooming Salon in Warner Robins.

As I was driving home from work a few months ago, I saw someone dressed in a dog costume waving at people from the side of the road. Since I have a dog of my own, my interest was naturally piqued. I quickly made a U-turn and went back to check it out. Sure enough, there was a new groomer in town! This was especially good news for me because I was tired of the very slow turnaround times at the chain stores and I was also having convenience issues with another local groomer. 

Blossoms Front Warner Robins
Blossom’s Grooming Salon is a new pet groomer in Warner Robins. Photo by Steven Hodges.

Located in Suite #15 of 4501 Russell Parkway, Blossom’s is a full service grooming salon. Blossom’s has very competitive prices and offers the convenience of booking your appointments online. But, one of the main attractions that you will see at Blossom’s is the custom-built luxury kennels that the guests will stay in. This is a far cry from the wire cages that most chain stores use. Instead, your pal will relax in comfort and style. This is just part of the special attention that really sets Blossom’s apart.

Basic services consist of baths, haircuts, trims, and specialty breed cuts. Each of these includes basic shampoo, brushing, nail grinding, teeth brushing, and sanitary trim. But if you’d really like to treat your friend to a day at the spa, you can get their nails painted, use a specially scented shampoo, or even have a design sprayed on.  Also, Blossom’s uses Espree dog care products which prides itself as “natural, wholesome pet care” and uses ingredients such as aloe vera and Japanese green tea. If you’d like to buy a bottle to take home, Blossom’s has those available as well as a nice selection of other health and beauty products.

When I first took my dog, a five year old pug named Perky that generally sheds his body weight in fur three times a day, to Blossom’s Grooming Salon, we were both greeted warmly and felt like we were genuinely appreciated. The atmosphere was clean and comfortable. I dropped Perky off and went about my day.


Blossoms Warner Robbins Custom Kennels
Blossom’s has cozy custom kennels for your canine. Photo by Steven Hodges.

It wasn’t long before I received a call letting me know that Perky was ready to be picked up.  When I returned, Perky was sitting in a custom kennel, wearing a bandana and a smile. His fur was fluffy, he smelled nice, and his ears were clean and velvety soft. But, the experience did not end there. Since pugs shed so much, I had opted for the de-shedding shampoo. This greatly reduced the amount of fur Perky left behind on my clothes and all over the house for weeks to come. On subsequent visits, Stephanie has always greeted us just as warmly as the first time and seems truly joyous to see us.

As a rule of thumb, when Perky is happy, I’m happy and he is very happy with Blossom’s Grooming Salon. I certainly hope that everyone with a fur baby of their own will give Blossom’s a try and have the same experience I did.

As a general idea of their pricing, it was $31.00 for Perky. That breaks down to $25.00 for the bath and an extra $6.00 for the specialty shampoo. Baths for dogs over 35 pounds cost $35.00. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed on Sunday and Monday.

For a full and up to date price list or to schedule an appointment, you can call (478) 333-6683 or visit  For more examples of happy (and quite adorable) customers, you can visit Blossom’s Facebook page at Before booking, make sure your pet’s shots are up to date. Your vet can fax over documentation to (478) 333-8174. Happy grooming!



Published by Steven Hodges

Steven Hodges is a Christian with a degree in computer engineering from UAH, a love of good food, and a flair for the eccentric. He also has a pug named Perky.