Wesleyan Market in Macon
The Wesleyan Market hosts booths from local artisans and handcrafters. Photo by Donja M. Harper.

Macon, Georgia- The Wesleyan Market has been bringing the Middle Georgia community together since 2008. The market is a platform for local vendors who grow, and produced commodities as well as homemade crafts. It is located at 4760 Forsyth Road on the campus of Wesleyan College. Hannah Doan the Director of Wesleyan Market shared some valuable insight into the market’s history. Doan said, “It started out as sort of a small market with 15- 20 vendors consisting of mostly consumable food products and farms which has since increased to around 40-70 vendors per month.” The market is open every 2nd Saturday of the month year-round from 9am to 1pm. Doan also recommended that patrons keep an eye out for those months that have five weeks as not to confuse the event’s scheduled time.

The Wesleyan Market is basically your typical open-air flea market. It is comprised of various vendors who showcase their products under a tent-like canopy. The vendors are arranged in close proximity of one another so patrons don’t have to wonder far to get an idea of what each vendor has to offer. As I roamed the grounds I noticed the market boasted of awe-inspiring merchandise. From the creative woodwork, decorative art items, skin care products, to baked goods, the market seem to have almost everything under the sun. Patrons from all walks of life browsed casually looking for a bargain or something to peek their curiosity.

Beatty Wreaths Wesleyan Market
Catherine Beatty’s booth at the Wesleyan Market features her handcrafted wreaths. Photo by Donja M. Harper.

While I was there I had the pleasure of speaking with three vendors who gave insight on their vendor booths. Catherine Beatty who specializes in wreath making stated, she has wreaths for all different seasons and holidays. Beatty also makes custom college and high school theme color wreaths for those looking to flaunt a little school spirit. Mrs. Beatty is currently working on a Facebook page but until then she said you can find her at various markets and craft shows throughout the community.

Na Ta Re Creations Wesleyan Market
Na Ta Re creations offers soaps and skin car products including their popular Mosquito Soap. Photo by Donja M. Harper.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Kayti Nika Raet, a young budding entrepreneur and author of a five-book series titled “Outsider Chronicles.” She is the daughter of Gloria Muhammad the founder of Na Ta Re Creations. Kayti gave me some insightful information on her family’s line of handcrafted soaps and skincare products. And I must admit I was highly impressed by the many variations of skincare products that were showcased. Kayti also informed me of their mosquito repellant soap which she included as being their best-seller of the summer. And as an avid outdoorsman, I can truly understand how it would be very beneficial especially in Georgia’s hot and muggy climate You can find their products online on Facebook and Twitter at Na Ta Re Creations. Also, you can find them at various locations throughout Middle Georgia; check their Facebook page for specific day and time.

Shamrock Apiaries Honey Wesleyan Market
Shamrock Apiaries has tables full of honey and honey products at Wesleyan Market. Photo by Donja M. Harper.

Last but not least I had the pleasure of conversing with Steve Nofs. He is a Master Beekeeper for Shamrock Apiaries. Nofs stated that he has hives throughout the Middle Georgia area. His biggest seller is his local honey. Nofs also sells premium honey which has distinctive flavors. Nofs said, “The Orange Blossom Honey is fruitier and made from the orange trees down in Florida and the Sourwood Honey is made from the Sourwood tree that’s only in the southern Appalachians. It seems as nothing went to waste as Steve highlighted his next products of pure and natural beeswax candles, honey soap, bee pollen, bars of beeswax, and honey straws. Steve Nofs really has something special for you honey lovers.

My experience at the market was intriguing to say the least. I found the market to be very diverse and economical. With its vast array of vendors, you are sure to find something special to purchase for a friend, family, or love one. You can find each of these vendors and more every second Saturday of the month at the Wesleyan Market.



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