Google will help you find your lost Android phone

A lost phone is a panic inducing situation, especially if you lose it while out doing a days worth of errands and having no idea where it was put down and if it was stolen. Luckily, there is a simple and intuitive way to find your phone with no cost and nothing else to buy and then keep track of. Just “Google” it.

Following the instructions below to find your phone the next time you lose it or just try it now to see it in action.


Google Find Your Phone - Search
To start the process, go to the Google search page and type “Where’s my phone?”


Google Find Your Phone - Sign In
Google will prompt you to log into your Google account. If you don’t have one, you are out of luck. Sorry iPhone users.


Google Find Your Phone - Login
Type in your credentials.


Google Find Your Phone - Select Phone
Google will then ask you to select your device. If you have multiple devices registered, you will see more than one selection.


Google Find Your Phone - Options
Google will prompt you for what you want to do. You can simply locate your phone, but you can also lock it, ring it or a number of other things.


Google Find Your Phone - Map
If you selected to find your phone, you are given a map that is incredibly accurate most of the time. This is actually the spot within my house that I had put my phone on the charger.