iStroll Macon aims to strengthen parents and children physically and socially

Contributed by Mamie Simmons iStroll launched in Macon just over a year ago, aiming to change the way parents of young children approach fitness in our community. iStroll blends a full-body, 60 minute workout, incorporating children in strollers, while creating social time for parents and kids. Participating in iStroll allows parents an hour to do […]

Tell your story at Sidewalk Talk every first Friday

If you have something you have been wanting to share and only needed a non-judgmental empathetic listener, don’t miss your opportunity during Macon’s First Friday. Sidewalk Talk, a new organization that opened its doors and set out its chairs back in June, brings its unique brand of community service to the streets of downtown during […]

Macon Community News is back in print

Four years ago, we started Macon Community News as a project to stem the tide of constant negativity in the news and the seeming lack of coverage of small local events, organizations and businesses. Not as a competitor to The Macon Telegraph or other news sources, just as something to augment what is covered by […]

Commentary: Don’t share unneeded negativity

Ever notice how so many aspects of the world seem to be depressing and saturated with constant negativity? Over the last few years, I have developed a theory as to why. Back in college, I majored in chemical engineering and so many of my analogies return to what I know. One of the concepts you […]