Jas. Townsend & Sons makes historical culinary videos

One of the things I do with my two children is to watch independently produced instructional and educational videos together on YouTube. Many of these have only a handful of views, but can be exceptional well done and rival anything you see on cable TV. They also have a sense of authenticity that is lacking in many bigger budget shows on television.

One perfect example is the channel “Jas. (James) Townsend & Sons” hosted by Don Townsend. In this show, he cooks food as it would have been cooked in the 18th century in colonial America. Some recipes are practical, like hardtack and pemmican, but others just look delicious, like the fried chicken recipe below.

One of the more interesting recipes is the standing meat pie, which I hope to make soon. It is basically a pot pie like pastry stuffed with meat and gravy. Originally it was meant to be convenient to eat while traveling. We highly recommend that you subscribe to their channel.

YouTube can be a great resource for education, it is just a matter of knowing where to look. We will be posting some recommended YouTube channels in the near future that are high quality good for the whole family to watch.