Although convenient to Warner Robins, Kathleen might be off the beaten path for some in Macon, but the area offers several nice, new shopping areas, as well as a wonderful theater and many restaurants. One restaurant of note is Big Picture Burgers.

Big Pictures Burgers is a unique theme in Middle Georgia in that it is basically a small screen dinner theater combining a campy movie (usually some science fiction movie or short film) with burgers, sandwiches and wings.

Along the walls are murals and memorabilia of various science fiction and super hero franchise characters like Wonder Woman, Dr. Who, and Star Trek. The closer you look, the more references you will find and every trip yields something new.

Big Picture Burgers Godzilla
The Godzilla Burger is only a disaster for your diet. A half pound of meat and All-American toppings of cheese, lettuce, onion, bacon and tomato. Oh, and the bacon and cheese are double. Photo by Doug Deal.

There are also references to classic dramas like the Godfather and the Maltese Falcon, as well as monster and horror movies such as Cujo. These references are also where they draw inspiration for the names of their regular menu (and off-menu) items.

For my burger, I selected the Godzilla, which is a half-pound patty of beef; the burger triumvirate of mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup; onions; and lettuce. To that base, they add what makes the burger special: double bacon and double American cheese. If you like a big messy burger–and who doesn’t–it’s a very good option as it doesn’t have anything that some people would consider unusual.

My patty was tasty and not overly dry, perhaps a medium-well. I am more of a fan of less cooked meat products, but I expect this from restaurants that serve burgers due to health recommendations and the like. I save a medium for ground beef that I fix at home and a medium-rare for steaks.

The bacon was slightly sweet and smoky. It definitely was not overcooked and it had no burnt taste. Tomato, lettuce, and onions always complete a classic burger and the quality of each was perfect. I am a fan of double cheese and I was not disappointed here. Overall, it was one of the better cheeseburgers I’ve had in a while.

Big Picture Burgers Dining
The Big Picture Burger dinning room is loaded with references to classic sci-fi movies. Every trip, you will notice something new. They also play a B-grade movie or video short to watch as you eat. Photo by Doug Deal.

My wife had the Godfather. While mine was a classic burger like you might find at a backyard barbecue, her version offered the same half-pound patty with spicy pimento cheese, jalapeños, and spicy pickles. Ironically, I am usually the one who orders the spicy items, and my mouth still waters thinking back to this one.

If you like a burger with a nice spicy kick, the Godfather is a good choice. Pimento cheese is not for everyone, but it compliments this one nicely. Her patty was also cooked to the same level of doneness as mine (medium-well) which would likely please most people. Definitely a burger you can’t refuse.

My son got the kids’ burger with cheese and only ketchup and mustard, and ate every bite. His younger sister, a light eater, got the grilled cheese and ate half of it. Her comment was that it was good, but not as good as Daddy’s. I’ll take it.

For side items, we stuck to the usual, French fries. They were a little on the greasy side, but not too much, and were served hot and fresh. They were exactly what you would expect to be paired with a hamburger, but the hamburger is so large, you can really do without them if you are a lighter eater.

Other items on the menu include chicken sandwiches, buffalo wings, Philly cheese steaks, fried pickles, sweet potato fries and onion rings, as well as burgers served multiple different ways. Big Picture Burgers also offers several delicious desserts, including a crustless cheesecake and an outstanding caramel pretzel brownie.

Anyone who wants more control over what’s on their sandwich can do the “create your own” option by selecting a meat (beef, turkey or grilled chicken), toppings and sauces. You can also go “off menu” and order from a selection of items pasted to the walls like movie posters. There is pretty much something for everyone and it is a nice different atmosphere with the campy movies projected on the big screen.

Big Picture Burgers is an independent, family-owned restaurant. The restaurant is at 1114 Ga Highway 96, Kathleen, GA, near the movie theater and in the Publix shopping center. You can also view their menu online at:!menu/c2251.



Published by Doug Deal

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