Bibb County resident Elizabeth Worthy was one of the earliest members of Stubby’s Heroes, joining in metro Atlanta in 2012, and she has brought her passion for pit bull activism with her to Middle Georgia. Stubby’s Heroes was started by founder Johanna Falber.

Stubbys Heros Macon Walk
Stubby’s Heroes Macon-Bibb County hosts monthly walks for “bully” breeds like pit bulls and Rottweiler’s. The group also organizes and collects donations for Stubby’s Day of Compassion. Photo courtesy Stubby’s Heroes.

When she joined Stubby’s Heroes, Worthy’s specialty was handling insurance breed discrimination: “We offer to review leases and [insurance] policies for people to be sure that they are allowed to have the dogs, as well as that they have coverage for the dogs. We also refer people to insurance agents and companies that sell pit bull-friendly policies,” Worthy explains.

Since 2014, Worthy has been a director of Stubby’s Heroes in Macon-Bibb County. She organizes monthly walks for pit bull owners, foster families, and rescuers; she oversees the walks state-wide as well. Walks are held in public, dog-friendly spaces, with the goal of socializing the dogs with each other, bully breed (pit bulls, rottweilers, etc.) lovers, and the general public.

“We educate through spay and neuter clinics,”continues Worthy, “and we hold outreach outings for the homeless, Stubby’s Day of Compassion.”

On Stubby’s Day of Compassion, members of the Macon-Bibb County chapter of Stubby’s Heroes meet at Central City Park to distribute food, clothing, toiletry items, blankets, and water to Macon’s poorest residents, including the homeless. For months beforehand, Worthy personally collects, sorts, and packages donated items.

The next Macon-Bibb County Day of Compassion is Saturday, December 2, 2017, at 11 a.m. Members of Stubby’s Heroes will gather at the Central City Park bandstand with blankets, warm clothing, socks, hats, gloves, food items, and all types of personal care items to distribute to anyone who is in need.

Macon’s bully pride walks begin at Tattnall Square Park, where the dogs and their humans have the chance to walk, run, and mingle with others. On their website, Stubby’s Heroes set out several rules for the safety of dogs and humans during the walks. For example, owners of “reactive” dogs are requested to dress them in red or yellow bandanas so that other participants know these animals need extra space.

“After the walks, we take the dogs over to Washington Park in the summer months so that they can enjoy some water play,” says Worthy, “and in Macon-Bibb, we have gone to Just Tap’d, they are dog-friendly.”

Interested members of the community, including owners of all breeds of dogs, should check the details on the Macon-Bibb Stubby’s Heroes Facebook page for important information about the day of compassion and bully pride walks.

To learn more about the history of Stubby’s Heroes, and to find chapters in other areas in Georgia, go to their website at

*An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Elizabeth Worthy was a founding member of Stubby’s Heroes; this was incorrect, as Johanna Falber started the organization and Elizabeth joined in 2012.



Published by Lauren Deal

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