Guest article by Shane Smith

The parents of the Rutland High School Wrestling Team are starting a wrestling booster club to be named the Canes Takedown Club. The purpose of the club is to help support Rutland High School’s wrestlers.

The first goal of the club is to help provide new uniforms and warm-up clothing for the wrestling team members to wear during warm-ups and matches. Currently, all of the wrestlers must provide their own wrestling clothing, and the team members do not have a standard uniform as in other sports.

The second goal of the wrestling boosters is to help cover the costs of entry into wrestling tournaments, as many of these costs are currently covered by the parents of the wrestlers directly. The Canes Takedown Club is seeking donations and sponsorships for the wrestling team. With each sponsorship level donation, the wrestling boosters will put the sponsor’s name on the back of the team sweatshirts.

Rutland Wrestling Boosters
Rutland High School wrestler David Watts Jr. Photo by Shane Smith.

The wrestling boosters are currently offering two levels of sponsorship, Gold and Silver.

For more information, to join the Rutland High School Canes Takedown Club, or to make a donation or sponsorship, please contact Shane Smith at



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