Tommy’s has long been one of my favorites. For lunch, it is hard to beat the quality and value of their selection of burgers or special of the day. They also have a large selection of casseroles and take-away entrées at a good price, but the thing that truly brings me back is Tommy’s breakfast selections.

TommysDoughnuts Macon
Pictured above starting from lower left and proceeding clockwise, apple fritter, maple bacon, Boston Creme and sausage filled. The apple fritter is a large yeast donut with apple and cinnamon, fried and glazed. The maple bacon donut is glazed and topped with maple and candied bacon. Boston Creme is filled with custard, glazed and topped with a frosting of chocolate. Finally, the sausage filled is a glazed donut ball with a bit of sausage inside. Photo by Doug Deal.

Leading the breakfast lineup has to be the donuts. Unlike other places, where donuts seem to be getting smaller, these pastries are a meal by themselves.

One of the best donuts that they offer is the apple fritter. This donut is a yeast donut with apples and cinnamon that is fried and then glazed. It only costs $1.99, but is about as big as your face, with a firm texture that doesn’t dissolve in your mouth and disappear like a chain donut. You have to chew it, and every bite is an apple-y delight.

Another outstanding donut is the Boston Creme. This classic pastry comes without a hole, but instead is filled with a creamy sweet custard and smothered with a thick layer of chocolate icing. It’s just $1.59, but it is also a filling donut, and unlike fast food donuts, you’d have to strain to eat two of them. Be sure to grab some napkins since either the custard or chocolate will wind up on your face or hands.

For the bacon lover, Tommy’s also offers a maple bacon donut. This specialty pastry is a fried yeast donut, glazed with an icing of maple and a topping of candied bacon. The combination of flavors is sweet with a little bit of salty smokiness and is similar to no other donut you’ve likely experienced. Like the apple fritter, this one is also $1.99.

There are several other specialty donuts, including a red velvet cake, as well as the more ordinary iced, filled or glazed chocolate or yeast donuts. These run from $0.99 to $1.59. If you get a chance, save room to try their sausage filled donut, which is a more or less a donut hole with a piece of sausage embedded in it, like a pig in a blanket (only sweeter).

I do not usually eat pastries for breakfast, but the quality of what Tommy’s offers is hard to resist. As good as their donuts are, they also have many other delicious breakfast items like sandwiches, biscuits, and French toast. They are made to order from fresh ingredients.

My usual non-donut selection is a biscuit with egg, cheese, and country ham. This giant breakfast sandwich comes on a freshly baked biscuit, and it is loaded with country ham, your choice of a fried or scrambled egg and melted cheese. If you prefer other items, they offer breads such as plain biscuits, bagels, tortillas and English muffins, and meats such as ham, sausage, chicken, and steak.

Tommys Macon Country Ham Biscuit
Tommy’s country ham, egg (scrambled), and cheese biscuit is an incredibly filling breakfast sandwich that is a meal all by itself. This and other breakfast sandwiches are available and made to order to your specifications. Photo by Doug Deal.

Tommy’s rounds out their breakfast selections with various breakfast plates, such as their biscuits and gravy with breakfast casserole for $5.99, including a cup of coffee, which is also just $0.99 by itself. Another plate is the “Hot Dog” platter that comes with grits, two eggs (your way), any sausage or bacon and a glazed donut. You can also grab a few side items like grits, biscuits and gravy, or hash rounds for a reasonable up-charge.

If you go for breakfast, you can also buy for a future meal as Tommy’s also has a freezer full of take-away meals like baked spaghetti, pot pies, hummus, chicken salad and a number of other dishes. Also, don’t forget to check out their award winning baked goods.

Of course, the food is only half the story at Tommy’s. If you are a regular, the staff and management, including the owner, will quickly recognize you and welcome you back to their restaurant and may even strike up a conversation.

Everyone on who works there is extremely polite and put a lot of effort into making patrons feel like they are welcome and wanted. This includes attentive service if you eat in and correct orders when you take it to go.

Tommy’s is an enjoyable locally-owned small business with delicious food, lots of options and staff who are always friendly and helpful. They are located at 5530 Thomaston Road in Macon, at the intersection of Heath Road and open for breakfast at 6:30 AM.



Published by Doug Deal

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