Guest article by Shawn Shivdat of the Chess Empowerment Association.

Chess Empowerment Association is starting a CEA Club of Warner Robins/Centerville. Membership will be open to all K-12 players in Middle Georgia. Similarly to our CEA Club of Macon, this club will be taught by a team of CEA volunteers and our CEA coach. We will be providing our interactive chess lessons and helping students improve their skills.

Hayden Woods takes a moment to look around during a CEA chess tournament
Hayden Woods takes a moment to look around during a CEA chess tournament. Photo by Shawn Shivdat.

The session will go much further in depth than our typical after school practice. This will provide students in Houston County an opportunity to gain access to our lessons and increase playing diversity. It marks CEA’s 14th chess program established across our Middle Georgia community.

The first meeting for the CEA Club of Warner Robins/Centerville was at the Centerville Public Library on January 4, 2017, from 6-7:45 p.m. The club will meet there twice a month, and our next meeting will be on January 16, 2018.

When our volunteer team began teaching chess three years ago to fourth and fifth graders at Sonny Carter Elementary, we immediately noticed the power of the game to spark friendships, teach patience, and encourage strategic thinking. After this program, we founded Chess Empowerment Association to offer the benefits of chess to more students across our community.

Chess Empowerment Association - Secondary picture FPD practice
FPD practive. Photo by Shawn Shivdat.

Our chess community grew as students showed interest in the game at schools outside our own. Teachers, parents, and players began believing in our mission statement– to empower our players through the analytical game of chess and promote friendship and understanding across our community. Our volunteer team of high school and college chess players has collaborated with a variety of nonprofit organizations and schools throughout the state to achieve this mission.

We would like to encourage our CEA students from other schools to help us in achieving our mission. By starting chess clubs and competitive chess teams within their own schools, students can develop their leadership skills and contribute to our growing Middle Georgia chess community.

Chess Empowerment Association would be willing to provide advice, resources, and lesson plans to prospective student leaders throughout Macon and Warner Robins. In addition, we are happy to answer any questions or meet with students.

As a reminder, we are currently accepting registration for our new CEA Club of Macon, CEA Club of Warner Robins/Centerville, and for the upcoming CEA Second Annual Winter Chess Tournament on February 10th, 2018. All registration forms are available at



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