As a restaurant, the name Metropolis should be familiar to many Middle Georgians. There was one on Riverside Drive in Macon that is in the process of moving into a space downtown when they finish renovating the space. There is also one in Milledgeville. My favorite, however, is the one in Warner Robins that is styled Metropolis Grill.

Although the names were the same and the restaurants are related, each one has a different experience. Metropolis Grill has a smaller menu than the one that used to be open on Riverside, but the options are still plenty and follow the mold of offering Indian, Greek and Mediterranean items.

Metropolis Grill Kabobs Warner Robins
The kabob platter has steak and chicken kabobs grilled with peppers and onions. Photo by Doug Deal.

My family and I have traveled the 17 miles from our house to Metropolis Grill over ten times, and we have never been disappointed. It is a bit of a journey from Macon, but we often double up with a trip to the nearby movie theater, Rigby’s or another destination on or near GA-96. It has always been worth the trip.

We have always been greeted when we enter Metropolis Grill, and then seated quickly. If you become a “regular,” they will remember you and greet you warmly. The staff is unfailingly polite and attentive without being overly intrusive, and we’ve received our drinks and meals in a timely fashion. The servers are always willing to provide suggestions for new or different menu items.

This past trip, we started with an appetizer of a large order of hummus and pita to share. It is only $5.99 and is a large enough of a snack for a hungry family waiting for their entrees. The hummus was thick and creamy and the pita soft and perfectly toasted on the grill.

My wife and I shared the “for two” selection of their kabob platter, which they served as two identical platters of steak and chicken kabobs with grilled onions and peppers and a Greek salad. I did not try to specify a spicier or milder level of heat, but it is likely an option to explore. This platter had a comfortable level of spice that would only register as hot to someone who is extremely sensitive. Overall, the dish is extremely delicious, and even though I was getting full, I wanted to continue to eat due to repeated temptations of just one more bite. Two people will have leftovers to share later and is a good value priced at $22.99.

Metropolis Grill Warner Robins - Bakalava
Among the deserts served at Metropolis is baklava. Photo by Doug Deal.

Kids are often picky eaters, but Metropolis Grill has you covered there as well. They serve some kid-friendly choices like grilled cheese on a pita, a burger on a pita, a mildly-seasoned kids’ chicken kabob, or chicken fingers, all of which are served with fries or rice and pita. Prices range from about $3-$5 and the meal will fill up most kids under ten years old for which they were designed. Our kids had the grilled cheese and kabob, and we had nothing but smiles from them.

Lastly, our kids coaxed us into eating dessert. Instead of ordering individual treats, we split three different small deserts and shared bits among ourselves to get a better sampling of what Metropolis Grill had to offer. In all, we had a pista kulfi, which is an Indian ice cream made with milk and nuts, a mango kulfi, which is the same dessert with the addition of mango, and baklava, which is the classic Greek pastry. Each was good in their own way, and I recommend all of them. These deserts run about $3.50.

Although we stuck to mostly Mediterranean dishes on our most recent excursion, Metropolis Grill has much more to offer, and from time to time we will order their Greek and Indian dishes. If you are looking for a nice spicy Indian dish, their lamb vindaloo is excellent, especially when served spicy. I order it extra hot, but if you don’t like things that cause sweat to pour off your forehead, tone it down to a medium.

Metropolis Grill Warner Robins - Pista Kulfi
Pista kulfi is an ice cream made with milk and nuts. Photo by Doug Deal.

Another highly recommended Indian dish is the chicken tikka masala. I also prefer this extra hot, but it is good at any level. For those who want vegetarian cuisine, Metropolis has a selection of entrees like channa masala, vegetable korma, and a cheese-based paneer masala.

On the Greek side of things, check out the gyros, dolmades, and spanakopita.

As far as the atmosphere goes, the restaurant is quiet and casual. While it is a small space, the seating isn’t cramped, and even on their busiest nights, you can easily hear a conversation at your own table without being inundated by the noise of other guests, as in some smaller venues. For smaller groups, it’s worth asking the staff ahead of time about their private room. There is a bar with an alcoholic beverage menu, as well as specialty non-alcoholic drinks like the mango lassi.

You’ll find the Metropolis Grill at 866 GA Highway 96, Suite 104, across from Five Star Nissan.



Published by Doug Deal

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