In 2016, Torre Norris knew she wanted to do something positive with girls, and after talking with her cousin Brandie Hall, they decided they could use their own life experiences to inspire younger women.

“We had several girls in my community, as well as in her community of Albany, Georgia, that would come to us for advice on different things that were happening in their lives, so we decided to create an organization that would provide personal, professional, and educational resources regardless of the girl’s background or circumstances,” Torre says.

From this idea, Sisters for a Cause was created.

Sisters for a Cause was started in 2016, and for a new organization, they started off with a large number of girls. The group started out with 20 members. This large number shows that organizations like Sisters for a Cause are needed desperately. Young girls want guidance, advice, and mentorship from women without the harsh criticism that sometimes comes from female relationships. Many girls did join, but there were a great number of adults willing to help as well. Ten adult female volunteers offered to take part in Sisters for a Cause, volunteering their time and resources to help young girls.

Sisters for a Cause - Macon
The members of Sisters for a Cause pose for a group photograph. Photo courtesy Sisters for a Cause.

Sisters for a Cause focuses on young ladies between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. There is no fee to join the organization. Torre states that the only admissions requirements are motivational: “We just require positive attitudes and a willingness to work hard. Our focus is to inspire young ladies, as well as to give back to our community. We strive to shape our young ladies’ self-esteem, character, personality and to enlarge their vision to become powerful leaders.”

To accomplish these goals, the girls participate year – round in several events focused on community service and leadership. “Our interactive events are created to inspire, motivate and educate each young lady to reach their highest potential,” says Torre.

“Our MOTTO is Sisters for a Cause is more than a sisterhood, it’s a lifestyle!” Torre says.

Sisters for a Cause is based out of Monticello, Georgia. The organization meets at least twice a month.

This previous year alone, the organization has fed the homeless, participated in bonding events, and visited an elderly retreat. The girls have also been able to participate in a photo shoot, where the girls celebrated their unique beauty and boosted their self-esteem.

Sisters for a Cause currently has 8 active and 1 silent member on their board of directors.The 8 active members are: Torre Norris, Founder; Deidra Baldwin; Jasmine Hill; Kristi Besley; Deqala Norwood; Carnethia Pennomon; Kaybrina Boykin; Shaybrina Boykin; Miricale Hardwick. The slient member is Brandie Hall, CO-Founder.

“Each member has a month that they are responsible for planning a theme or event. Once they come up with their idea for the month, we all meet to discuss the idea and to plan and make sure that we provide the girls with the best experience for each event,” Torre says.

The organization mainly serves the Monticello area of Middle Georgia, although they have girls that come from as far away as Covington and Madison. Though Sisters for a Cause is based out of Monticello, girls from all over are welcomed to join if they are willing to travel to the area.

“Sisters for a Cause hopes to grow this year by having an even bigger impact on the girls and the community,” Torre says.

“We also hope to have more girls get accepted into college and move on to become powerful leaders in new communities,” Torre adds. “The first year we had two seniors and they both graduated high school. Cassidy went on to be accepted into Albany State University and she is currently a successful freshman. Leaysia is currently a full-time employee and is working on getting accepted into college as well.”

“Our focus for this year is to have a bigger percentage of our seniors to get accepted into the college of their choice,” she continues, “We currently have five high school seniors. We have four girls that are on track to get accepted into college within the next couple of months and one that is on track to join the military branch of her choice.”

As the organization continues to grow, it is hopeful that they will spread to more areas of Middle Georgia to impact more lives.

For more information on Sisters for a Cause, visit their Facebook page: Sisters for a Cause.