It is usually not well publicized, but right now is the time to declare for partisan elections this fall. Qualification ends at noon on Friday, March 9, so you will need to be quick to meet the deadline.

Georgia Capital
All qualifying for state and Federal partisan offices takes place in the Georgia Capitol Building. Photo by Photo by J. Glover / cc.

All candidates who are running for all statewide offices, state legislature positions and Federal House of Representative positions need to qualify in Atlanta to be on the ballot in the partisan primary in May or the general election in November. Qualifying takes place at the State Capitol Building in Downtown Atlanta. Republicans register in room 216 and Democrats register in rm 230.

The state had made qualifying as an independent in Georgia virtually impossible, but you can find out how this can be accomplished by calling the Secretary of State’s election division office at 404-656-2871. The process is so egregiously punitive to independent candidates; it is too complicated to describe in this article.

Candidates will also have to pay a fee to register as a candidate for office, which is based on a formula determined by the salary of the office. This ranges from $400 for state senate or state house to over $5,000 for Federal offices. If you are unable to pay the fee, it is possible to file a paupers affidavit for those who cannot afford it.

Sadly, most of these offices will be unopposed even as the hurdles that keep people running for office remain intact. If you have ever thought about running for a state office, this is the only time to sign up.

For more information, refer to Georgia’s Secretary of State’s website at ( ).



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