Driving down Mercer University Drive, next to Ken’s Audio and Video, is an unassuming little shack that reminds one of an old Photomat. It’s actually a Mexican restaurant that serves up delicious tacos, burritos and hotdogs.

For my first time, I ordered the eponymous Ricky’s Burrito. Like all of their burritos, this beast is a 2-pound stuffed tortilla that is made to order. This particular version is filled with the three meats offered at Ricky’s: steak, pork, and chicken. It is also filled with beans, rice, pico, salsa and sour cream. All this for $8.50. Burritos with individual meats are $7.50. It is definitely large enough for anyone for dinner, and you may consider sharing it for lunch.

Ricky's Taco Shop Burrito and Hotdog
Ricky’s Taco Shop on Mercer is a drive up Mexican restaurant with unbelievable burritos, tacos and hot dogs. Pictured in the back is the Ricky’s Burrito, which is stuffed with 2 pounds of fillings. On the near side is a street dog, with mayo and peppers. Photo by Doug Deal.

On my second trip, I ordered the street dog, which sells for $3.00. This standard-sized all-beef hotdog lays on a smattering of mayonnaise and is topped with various peppers. I have never had mayo on a hotdog before, so I was skeptical, but the unexpected combination turned out to be excellent. Give it a try, you will never think of a hotdog the same way again.

I also ordered the taquitos, which are a new addition to the menu. These were good, but not exceptional. They were still a great value at three for $4.00.

My wife ordered two tacos, which were $2.25 each. These tacos were one each of pork and beef. They are served with chopped radishes as well as cut limes, onions, cilantro and salsa. All of this is placed on two taco-sized corn tortillas. I had never had radishes on a taco before and once again, I was pleasantly surprised.

They have several drink options from cans for $1.00 instead of a fountain machine. We have yet to try their tortas (sandwiches).

The restaurant is not much bigger than a refrigerator box, and it is designed for taking your food back home or to work, but they get the most out of their limited square footage. The folks who run it are extremely friendly and enthusiastic about their restaurant, and it shows. Small enterprises like this are a favorite of mine, and I intend to become a regular.

The restaurant is located at 3717 Mercer University Drive in Macon. It is open 11 AM – 9 PM every day except Monday. For best results. call your order in so that it is ready to be picked up instead of waiting in line. Their phone number is 478-200-4476.



Published by Doug Deal

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