Guest post by Shawn Shivdat

On Saturday, February 24th, Chess Empowerment Association of Middle Georgia hosted Middle Georgia’s largest

K-12 chess tournament. The tournament consisted of a United States Chess Federation rated section and an unrated section. Over 70 students registered, representing 18 schools and teams across Middle Georgia.

Chess Empowerment Macon Tournament
Two students face off at the CEA Winter Tournament. Photos courtesy CEA.

The top five players in the USCF rated section were:
1) David Pau Schmitz (Feagin Mill Middle School)
2) Vaughn Owens (Southwest High School)
3) Arlind Gjymishka (Stratford Academy)
4) Daniel Smolensky (Stratford Academy)
5) Haaris Ahmed (Stratford Academy)

The top ten players in the unrated section were:
1) Bonner Law (First Presbyterian Day School)
2) Owen Huggins (First Presbyterian Day School)
3) Tyler Perkins (First Presbyterian Day School)
4) Will Jewell (First Presbyterian Day School)
5) Jackson Freel (Covenant Academy)
6) Merit Huggins (First Presbyterian Day School)
7) Myles Brown (Covenant Academy)
8) Landon Borders (Covenant Academy)
9) MaKayla Brown (Covenant Academy)
10) Elijah Hopper (Homeschool)

The top two teams were:
1) First Presbyterian Day School
2) Covenant Academy

This event was entirely organized and run by high school and college volunteers, who make up the Chess Empowerment Association team. The event was held at the Mercer School of Medicine from 8:30am-5:30pm. The next Chess Empowerment Association event is scheduled to be held in April.

In addition, Chess Empowerment Association runs 15 programs across Middle Georgia with the mission to empower players through chess and promote friendship and understanding across the community. The CEA Chess Club of Macon and the CEA Chess Club of Warner Robins are open to all K-12 chess players. Visit for more information.



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