Anyone who has driven south past the merge of I-75 and I-475 knows that there has been a lot of industrial development over the past few years, the latest of which is an Amazon fulfillment center on the Eastern side of the Sardis Church Road exit.

Construction started only a few months ago, but progress has been quick and obvious. What once was farmland and empty fields is now sprouting the fruit of the internet. The freshly painted exterior of the warehouse now towers over the Citgo next door, like weeds in an untended garden.

Amazon's Macon Fulfillment Center Under Construction
Aerial view of the Amazon Fulfillment Center under construction. Photo courtesy Amazon.

According to operations PR manager for Amazon in Georgia, Brenda Alfred, the one-million square foot facility will serve as a distribution point for large-sized products such as household furniture, sporting equipment, and gardening tools. These products will fill customer orders from all over the country.

Although there is no firm date for the start of operations, Alfred says that there will be more than 500 full-time jobs in positions from warehouse laborers to management and supervisory staff. Other possible jobs categories will be in human resources as well as maintenance. During Christmas, the number of workers could potentially double with the addition of seasonal help handling the extra demand.

Closer to the opening of the site, Amazon will post all employment opportunities on their recruitment website at

Alfred could not currently give specific financial numbers about the Macon facility, but predictions can be made by comparing this location to a similar site in Jackson County. According to Amazon’s economic team, over five years, the Jackson site has contributed over $10 million to the county’s economy. Alfred added, “Using Input-Output methodology and multipliers developed by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Amazon estimates its investments in this region have created an additional 900 jobs on top of the company’s direct hires.”

The growth of industrial development in Bibb County can be seen along the corridor from Hartley Bridge Road to Sardis Church Road, and Amazon will be another positive addition to that trend.



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