The Middle Georgia Regional Airport is likely not the first place you think of when craving fried chicken, but if you have not had the chance to try Dab’s Restaurant, you are missing out.

Dabs Fried Chicken
Dab’s fried chicken is well seasoned and in our portion moist and tender. Also pictured is macaroni and cheese and peach cobbler. Photo by Doug Deal.

You used to find Dab’s in the Rocky Creek Road and Pio Nono Road area, where she served soul food for many years, but about ten years ago, she moved to the Macon Airport, where the restaurant takes the form of a lunch counter. Travelers (and savvy locals who know about her great food) can order one of Dab’s daily specials and enjoy a hot meal in the café, which is at the entrance to the airport.

I had been on a quest to find a place where I could write a positive review for fried chicken in Macon. After being disappointed by three other restaurants, and unable to give the positive reviewed I had hoped for, I stumbled across Dab’s by chance while stopping by the airport.

Admittedly, the restaurant area looks a little bit like something out the 70’s, which fits with the décor of our local airport, but Dab’s is all about the food. Meals are $7.69 and come with two sides and a drink.

I tried the two-piece dark meat plate with macaroni and cheese and peach cobbler. Unlike my earlier experiences at other restaurants, Dab’s chicken was moist throughout. It was well seasoned in every bite. The skin was a perfect golden brown and it was a delight to peel off and eat. The flesh underneath was steaming and came off the bone with little effort.

The macaroni and cheese was home-style, with crusty baked goodness on top and a creamy delightful interior. If you have been disappointed by the artificial-tasting out-of-a-package junk that is served at fast food chains, be ready to fall in love with this dish again.

Dab’s peach cobbler is what you expect from the dish, with a slightly tart sweetness and sweet crumble on top. It is a nice option, but I was disappointed because they were out of my favorite dessert, banana pudding. In fact, the person in front of me at the counter took the last helping.

Chicken is not all Dab’s offers. They have a rotating menu that varies from day to day. Fried chicken is always available, but on some days you’ll find fried pork chops, cube steak, beef tips, meatloaf, fried fish, and barbeque chicken. Beyond the “meat and two sides” plates, there is also a menu of cafeteria favorites like burgers available.

Yes, the airport is an odd place to get lunch when you are not flying, but if you can make it over to check out the bustle of the new flights and grab a great meal of comfort food favorites, it is worth the effort.

Dab’s, located at 1000 Terminal Drive, is only open for lunch from 11 AM to 2 PM with a special brunch on every fifth Sunday in a month. The next 5th Sunday will be on July 29. Dab’s also offers catering services for local events.



Published by Doug Deal

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