Local birth doulas Britney Mims Asbell and Cristiana Fischer have united to host Macon’s Climb Out of the Darkness fundraiser on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, at 10:00am, at the Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Georgia.

Both Britney and Cristiana assist with childbirths for Middle Georgia families, and their dedication to women’s postpartum mental health is driven by both their professional and their personal experiences.

Ocmulgee National Monument
Photo credit Ocmulgee National Monument.

“Climb Out of the Darkness is an event that is put on every year and people host climbs all over the world,” Britney explains. “Usually the climb is held on or near the longest day of the year. The symbolism in that is that we are able to shine the most light on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). The climb is supported by Postpartum Support International, which is an organization that provides peer support to families battling a PMAD. “

“Locals can get involved in many different ways,” Britney says. “They can join us for the climb on Saturday, June 23rd at 10:00am, at Ocmulgee National Monument. We will meet in the picnic area near the visitor’s center. Those who plan to climb along with us will need to sign up at the website, climb-out-2018.causevox.com/team/climbmacon.”

Individuals or teams who want to participate in the climb as a fundraiser can ask friends and family to sponsor them with monetary donations. The event is also a way to raise awareness about postpartum mental health, and local participants are welcome to come join in the hike even if they do not raise funds.

“They can simply select $1 for fundraising goal if they don’t wish to participate in fundraising,” Britney says. For registration purposes, the website does require an amount be entered in the fundraising goal, but the group will not exclude participants based on their inability to raise funds.

Individual donations are also welcomed by Macon’s Climb Out of the Darkness. The same link, climb-out-2018.causevox.com/team/climbmacon, can also be used to make an individual donation even if you are not able to join the group on June 23rd at the Ocmulgee National Monument.

Britney and Cristiana have set a team goal is to raise $2,000 or more for the Georgia Chapter of Postpartum Support International.

“Any money our climb raises will 100% be turned back to support the Georgia Chapter of Postpartum Support International,” says Britney.

Corporate sponsors are also welcomed. “We would love to team up with some businesses for this event. I can be contacted via Facebook message at Britney Asbell Doula Services for questions concerning sponsorship,” Britney states.

On May 19th from 5pm to 9pm, the Chipotle restaurant on Margie Drive in Warner Robins will be hosting a fundraiser for Climb Out of the Darkness, and 50% of the sales that evening will go to the Georgia Chapter of Postpartum Support International.

“We encourage locals to get out and eat Chipotle in Warner Robins that evening!” Britney says, “Just be sure to mention they want to support the fundraiser so their sale will go towards the fundraiser.”

Cristiana helped to coordinate the walk with the park rangers at the Ocmulgee National Monument. Making the arrangements was easy, and the park staff was accommodating. She is looking forward to participating in the climb as a member of Team Macon. The participants will gather in the picnic area near the visitor’s center and hike together to the large mound, where the group will climb to the top of the mound.

“I have a heart out to this cause and I was honored to be able to be a part of it. Britney and I originally met when I contacted her about becoming a Doula mid last year,” Cristiana explains.

“As of now Team Macon does not have any corporate sponsors besides Chipolte,” Cristiana concludes. “As Britney said, we would love to team up with some businesses for this event. Participants can also raise money by privately sharing the cause and asking for donations or through any other idea that comes to mind to help out.”

If other businesses are interested in donating the profits of purchases, or donating money or other items, Team Macon would appreciate such a partnership.

Britney and Cristiana both hope that the event is successful – not only in raising money, but in bringing attention to women’s postpartum mental health issues, including postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety.

For more information about the event, please visit climb-out-2018.causevox.com/team/climbmacon.



Published by Lauren Deal

Lauren Deal is an attorney-at-law with the Deal Law Firm, LLC. She is also a wife, mother of two, a former teacher and assignment editor for Macon Community News.