Robin Gatti, Bibb County resident, mother, and owner of Robin Gatti Photography, is all about professional real estate photography. She has been photographing homes for sale, businesses, interior decorator show rooms, renovated homes and anything else real estate-related throughout Middle Georgia for the last 10 years.

“I had always wanted to do photography but could never afford a nice camera. I did photos with point and shoots, but in 2006 someone bought me a good DSLR and I knew I would get hooked,” Robin says. “I immediately dove into finding as much info as possible from equipment to lighting to technique and once I started I was in love with it.”

Robin Gatti Kitchen
Color, light, and balance make this photograph of an open kitchen come alive. Photo by Robin Gatti.

She taught herself photography using online resources and by analyzing techniques she observed in other photographs, which she would then practice until she could use them herself.

“I did portraits to start off and fell in love with pinup photography,” Robin explains, “I had a studio downtown for a year, but I also fell in love with doing real estate photography while working at a real estate company. I did not do any photos for them though–[outside agents] would find me via word of mouth and the business took off.”

Following the birth of her son, Robin closed her studio downtown and fixed her photographic eye on real estate photography.

Professional real estate photography has been a game changer in Middle Georgia for the past few years because it offers a way to truly show the homes in their best light and angles. Recently, Robin has transitioned to full-time business owner, which is an exciting move to be able to help anyone needing professional photos during the weekdays instead of only on the weekends.

“I love being able to see these amazing homes around Middle Georgia and be able to capture their full beauty to help get them noticed, and if they are for sale, sold,” says Robin.

Robin Gatti Living Room
With the right lighting and angles, this living space appears open and airy. Photo by Robin Gatti.

It’s hard for her to name the best thing about her job: “So many parts are ‘the best’ — from meeting so many nice people, to making relationships with the agents, to the awesome feeling of creating some really wonderful photos,” she shares.

Her biggest challenge is marketing her business. “I would say the biggest challenge of a business owner is getting the word out! So many people know about me and this service, but so many more don’t, and in this field specifically, the challenge is helping people to see how much of a difference it can make to work with a true professional real estate photographer versus trying to take photos on their cellphones,” Robin says.

According to Robin, the real estate market is “blazing hot” in Macon and surrounding cities, so standing out with amazing listing photos is an absolute must. Real estate photography allows agents to spend more time showing and selling houses and less time trying to upload pictures.

Robin Gatti Dining Table
Gatti uses natural light and other techniques to create a bold composition. Photo by Robin Gatti.

Robin continually stays up to date with all the latest editing, lighting, camera, and software, so photos stand out and make listings shine.

While Robin loves all real estate photography, her favorite homes are older ranch styles with many rooms. As a child, she wanted to grow up to have be a business owner, like her father, and she is grateful for the opportunity to live out her dreams.

For more information, please contact Robin Gatti Real Estate Photography on Facebook to ask for a quote, see more of her work, or book a session.



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