Guest post by Dillon Fowler

On July 22, 2018, Georgia Martial Arts and Fitness students participated in a regional tournament consisting of six martial arts schools from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Each year, the students from these six martial arts studios compete in three regional tournaments, and this was the third.

“This particular tournament was the Black Belt Grand Championship, where black belts who had scored the most points in this tournament and the previous two tournaments, by placing in competitions, were awarded the ‘Overall Grand Champion’ trophy for each division they won,” explains Dillon Fowler.

Taekwondo students competed in multiple divisions against other regional competitors of similar age and rank. Competition areas included: forms, sparring/one steps, board breaking, musical forms, musical weapons forms, team musical forms, and team musical weapons forms.

Eight students represented Georgia Martials Arts and Fitness in the tournament. Their results follow.

Tiyanna Bennet – 1st Place in Forms and One-Steps.

James Cuthebert – 3rd Place in Board Breaking.

Dillon Fowler – 1st Place in Forms, Sparring, Musical Forms, and Board Breaking. 2nd Place in Team Musical Forms. 3rd Place in Musical Weapons Forms. Overall Grand Champion in Sparring, Musical Forms, and Team Musical Forms.

Colin Grady – 1st Place in Forms and Board Breaking.

Maggie Grady – 1st Place in One-Steps, 3rd Place in Forms.

Kiara Laurent – 1st Place in Team Musical Forms, Forms, and Sparring. 2nd Place in Board Breaking. Overall Grand Champion in Sparring.

Bryson Tanner – 1st Place in Sparring, 3rd Place in Board Breaking.

Carly Woodall – 1st Place in Sparring and Board Breaking, 3rd Place in Forms.

For more information about Georgia Martial Arts and Fitness, please see their Facebook page or call them at (478) 475-9920. They are located at 4646 Forsyth Road, Macon 31210.

Group Photo
Clockwise from Left: Tracy Owens, Dillon Fowler, Kiara Laurent, Colin Grady, and Maggie Grady, following competition at the regional tournament. Photo courtesy Georgia Martial Arts and Fitness.



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