Chronic venous insufficiency is common, treatable

By Kate Reid Central Georgia Vein Center Vein disease is incredibly common — and manageable. But if left untreated, what starts as a small issue can lead to potentially dangerous complications. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a medical condition in which a person’s veins are unable to transport blood from the legs back to the […]

Macon woman turns 70, graduates

By Sheron Smith As a practical matter, Margaret Wallace didn’t “need” a college degree. Better known around these parts as Margaret Snow, her name adorned many a real-estate sign during a successful, decades-long career as an agent and broker. About 10 years ago, shortly before she turned 60, she became a compliance investigator with the […]

Bike Tech is Macon’s hometown cycle shop

Bike Tech is located in a small retail strip on Vineville Avenue. Large bicycles line up invitingly under the front awning, paper tickets attached to their handlebars announcing that they are for sale. The front windows on either side of the entryway are plastered with stickers for various cycling products and manufacturers, local restaurants, and […]

Pizza place purveys perfect pies

Pizza preferences are a very personal thing. The thickness of the crust, the firmness of the crust, the selection of toppings, the density and flavor of the sauce, and the amount of cheese are only parts of the equation that makes a “good” pizza. For everyone the answer is different. Maconites are lucky to have […]