Goodwill to share good news on the Creek

By Veronica Miller
Goodwill of Middle Georgia

Veronica Brandon Miller and Denisia Franklin from Goodwill of Middle Georgia are taking their feel-good message to the airwaves with a new radio show, “Tell Me Something Good.” The segment, which airs on Wednesdays on 100.9 The Creek at 8:00 a.m., focuses on the good that is happening in our community, highlighting individuals, nonprofits and businesses that give generously of time, talent and treasure.

Goodwill and 100.9 FM
Veronica Miller (L) and Denisa Franklin (R). Photo courtesy Goodwill.

“With so much bad news out there, we are hoping to start a trend with sharing ‘good news’ and give our audience stories that brighten their day,” said David Higdon, from the Creek. “Our partnership with Goodwill speaks volumes – not only about its mission but also about the wealth of feel-good stories about the community in which we live and work.”

“Not a day goes by that we aren’t touched or inspired by the acts of generosity we see – whether from donors, community partners or business partners we work with,” added Veronica Brandon Miller, Goodwill senior vice president of marketing and development. “We talked about how wonderful it would be to share these stories with the community at large so that they, too, could be inspired. Thanks to The Creek, we have an outlet to talk about how Goodwill is making our community a better place and highlighting those who are committed to improving the lives of others.”

The show debuted on November 14, 2018.



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