By Crissy Marie Parks

I am certainly excited to even think of getting the opportunity to go visit with my son at the Macon Rescue Mission. What a wonderful blessing it is to know that he is in a safe and healthy environment with staff members and a group of men who both encourage and test my son’s faith in God.

This morning, as I prepared to visit the Rescue Mission, I thought to myself: “Test your own faith today. Ask God to break you to see things from a new perspective, and to open your eyes and heart to see things that you cannot see for yourself, that only He sees. Ask Him to empty out you and pour himself in! Are you so sure your relationship with God is where you want it to be, or are you sure your relationship with God is where He wants it to be? Open your eyes to see the real truth that you are living by the words of the Lord!

Macon Rescue Mission - Crissy Marie Parks
Crissy Marie Parks shows the cupcakes she has made for the birthday of one of the men in the Macon Rescue Mission men’s program. Photo courtesy Crissy Marie Parks.

Whenever I go to the Macon Rescue Mission, I feel the positive energy that fills it. It is a feeling of peace, and of gratitude that you don’t always see in everyday situations. Some of the people who are at the Rescue Mission are very new and scared and unsure of their worth. Other residents are somewhat more secure in themselves, knowing that God has given them strength to understand that they don’t have to be everything to everyone’s standards.

In the men’s recovery program, they are each given responsibility and held to the accountability for their own actions. The integrity of these guys is being built with a strong foundation of God’s word and self-worth being instilled by the people who work there and the friends and family who visit.

I see families being rebuilt at the Macon Rescue Mission. I see relationships with children who are happy and laughing with their mommies and daddies. I see God restoring people’s lives!!

Until my son was a part of this program I really never knew the depths of the Rescue Mission, but now that I know, now that I see the joy in my son, the way he holds his head high, the way he praises God for where he has been, and how grateful for the life he has now, I am so thankful for this place, these people, and our God. The Macon Rescue Mission is a wonderful and needed part of our community, and they change hearts and lives.

On Thanksgiving, I witnessed firsthand the love of God. In the little time spent that morning, I saw at least 250 volunteers help in preparations and deliveries of Thanksgiving meals for those who would have otherwise done without. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

My hope is restored each time I see anything related to the Rescue Mission. They involve everyone in the center to attend church services, participate in events in the community to help others, and allow them to share God’s word. They are the hands and feet of Jesus!

There are so many things I could share about the Rescue Mission. They domestic violence awareness event to promote the opportunity for women and men to be able to seek help without causing danger. Every day, they provide a food line in which they pray and share God’s love with everyone who comes for a meal. They provide a safe space for women and children needing shelter and support. The Rescue Mission is by far the best place I know that is truly anointed by God to help others. I’m aware of other programs and services here in Macon, but nowhere else even compares to the level of love this ministry exudes for all people. They are definitely in the business of sharing God’s truth and blessings for those who choose to accept the help they offer. The Macon Rescue Mission has been a blessing in my life, the life of my son, and the lives of many other volunteers, participants, and families in Macon.



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