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Caprice Thomas is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She is also a business owner.

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, at noon, Caprice’s business, Honey Pot Beauty and Wellness Spa will hold its grand opening. Honey Pot Beauty and Wellness Spa is located at 2710 Sheraton Drive, Building D, Suite 250 in North Macon. The grand opening will feature a raffle for prizes including a one-hour full-body contouring session, a v-steam, and a full-body massage. Vendors will be on hand with artisanal lotions, jewelry, hand-decorated tumblers, and more.

Macon Community News - Honey Pot Beauty
Caprice Thomas, owner of Honey Pot Beauty & Wellness Spa. Photo courtesy Caprice Thomas.

Caprice’s journey as a business owner began at a difficult point in her life: “It all really started several years ago when I experienced multiple miscarriages and had unsuccessful pregnancies,” she explains.

“It was through those experiences that I gained a passion for helping women who were like me,” Caprice continues. She wanted to help women struggling with pregnancy loss and fertility issues with holistic options.

“I found yoni steaming and began to study and research all the wonderful benefits of this service, and I was sold on becoming a facilitator,” Caprice says. “I enrolled in the classes, received my certification, and the rest is history.”

“The heartbeat of Honey Pot started with my desire to help women conceive and have successful pregnancies, but it then trickled down to helping all women in all situations, whether it’s helping them relax from a stressful day or heal from loss,” Caprice concludes.

She offers a variety of unique services to Middle Georgia’s women. “Honey Pot Beauty & Wellness is a holistic service for women offering services such as V-Steams, where herbs paired with steam are used to heal the female body naturally. V-Steam is a name that has become popular recently, but it’s much like what some know as a hop bath. I also offer non-invasive body contouring services, such as cellulite reduction and weight loss.”

Additionally, Caprice has contracted with a licensed massage therapist who will provide full-body relaxation massages by appointment.

Caprice has been preparing to open her business for several years now, between training and education and fulfilling her goals as a mother.

“It’s been about 4 years,” Caprice shares. “I paused for a little while to be a stay at home mom, and when my daughter went to school, I decided to go full speed ahead for it …it’s been a wild ride, but I’m loving every minute of it.”

Caprice is enthusiastic about the future of her business, and she has advice for other women who are considering going into business.

“My advice for women who want to start their own business is to go for it because life will always happen, something will always come up, but you must take time to live out your dreams,” she says. “It can be done, find your balance and go for it!”

She goes on to explain the importance of having faith in yourself: “The hardest thing about the process for me was just believing that I could do this and that the people who I am meant to serve will come. Starting a business is a scary thing, but the light of your faith will always light the way.”

Honey Pot Beauty & Wellness Spa will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, June 15, at 12pm. 2710 Sheraton Dr. Building D Suite 250. For more information about their services, prices, hours, and to make an appointment, please see their Facebook page or website, at



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