What is Macon Community News?

After getting back into the flow of writing articles since our re-launch on Saturday July 9, 2016, I wanted to write something about my goal for this online new blog and the background of why we started it. To put it quite frankly, the Macon Telegraph is horrible. Much of the division in our community […]

Macon Community News looking for writers

Macon community news is looking for writers and content. If you would like to see the things that interest you get more publicity, we’d love to host your story and share it with the rest of Middle Georgia. Our model is to focus on local news and information that you cannot easily find online. We […]

Over-criminalization described in one minute

Recently, the issue of over-criminalization has become a hot issue among civil libertarians. According to Harvey Silverglate, author of Three Felonies a Day, the average American commits Federal Crimes every day without knowledge and intent. Crimes meant to combat some public ill in one area are then stretched to cover some completely unrelated activities that […]

Area filmmakers shooting TV pilot in Macon

A group of independent Middle Georgia filmmakers are shooting a television pilot in the coming weeks in Macon.  The working title is “The Hutchins”, which is a sitcom that combines the wholesome quality of family sitcoms of the past with the issues of today such as the problems with social media. According to Producer Mista […]

Movie Stop going out of business

Movie Stop is liquidating its company and going out of business this month, which means all 44 stores in 10 states will be shuttered. During this shutdown, all merchandise at the Presidential Parkway location (as well as all the other stores) will be significantly marked. Currently, most merchandise, including Funko Pop figurines, board games, costumes […]

Macon Beer Company now in bottles

Macon Progress and Macon Love are now available at your local Kroger and other locations in the state. The large sized bottles are sold at prices set by your local vendor. Congratulations to Jeremy Knowles and the Macon Beer Company for this major step into the marketplace. The Macon Beer Company will always have a […]