Dauset Trails: Middle Georgia’s hidden treasure

Dauset Trails Nature Center is devoted to wildlife conservation, preservation of Georgia's traditional plant life, outdoor recreation, and reviving traditional rural skills, such as blacksmithing and preparing cane syrup. The Nature Center features a reptile house, a wildlife walk featuring animals ranging from river otter and bear to owls and cougar, a wildlife watching pavilion, and [...]

Exercise and fun at Sky Zone Macon

The youngest members of the Macon Community News team (ahem, the Deal kids) have been begging for a trip to Sky Zone since it opened in Macon. With one day left until school started, Friday was go time. Although their website is informative, I couldn't access the price list menu from my cell phone and [...]

A Good Reuben to be found at Lanier’s

When it comes to sandwiches, I prefer classic deli varieties with well seasoned meats and flavorful breads over a simple ham and cheese or a turkey sandwich. One of my favorites is the Reuben. To some the thought of corned beef, rye, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and remoulade  sauce (in the Lanier's variety) might not sound appetizing, but it [...]

Good Chicken Livers and Burgers at the Grey Goose Players Grill

Chicken livers are an acquired taste, but to anyone who appreciates the more advanced Southern comfort foods, they are a delight. The problem is that in Macon, the few places that serve them tend to overcook them so much that they end up resembling charcoal briquettes or lava rocks, depending on your preference for outdoor grilling. When [...]

Macon Community News wants to publish your news

Macon Community news is a community driven news site designed to get out news about the people, businesses, organizations, schools and events of Macon and the surrounding Middle Georgia area. We are interested in stories that show a positive side of the area and encourage involvement in the community, support of local businesses and charities [...]

Georgia Department of Natural Resources releases 2016-2017 deer hunting dates

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has released the deer hunting dates for the 2016-2017 season. For Middle Georgians who hunt in Bibb, Peach, Houston, and Wilkinson counties, bow hunting begins September 10, 2016. Muzzleloader hunting begins October 15, 2016. Firearms days begin October 22, 2016. Either sex deer may be hunted on all days of the season, and deer season, for [...]