Macon Community News was founded in July of 2013 as a free monthly print newspaper with a mailed circulation of approximately 12,000 households by Doug Deal and his wife Lauren Deal. The print run was 6 months and ended December of 2013.

The mission was to focus on the positive aspects of Macon and the surrounding area by running stories solely about local people, businesses and events, basically to focus on what isn’t printed in any newspaper that simply reruns the same wire stories one can find in any paper.  Our goals was to create a venue where people of Macon and Middle Georgia could write about their neighbors, their neighborhoods and their interests and then share it with others, without the gloom and cynical pessimism of the paper of record.

Three years later, this online edition is the rebirth of that mission. We will start slowly and tentatively, as we rebuild our relationships with the talented writers, artisans, business people and volunteers that make Macon a better place. But also, we will add commentary and news about how we can do better as a community, but instead of using it as a hammer to knock things down, hopefully we can help move things forward.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours? If you would like to contribute, please click the link in the menu and fill out our contact form or submit a story idea.

Macon Community News:

Doug Deal – Publisher / Editor-in-Chief
Lauren Deal – Assistant Editor / Contributor
Jason M. Harper – Contributor