Georgia Bob’s Barbecue offers family-friendly variety

Georgia Bobs Entrance
The entrance to Georgia Bob’s Barbecue Company. There is ample parking and rocking chairs to relax. Photo by Doug Deal.

Today, my husband and I got the opportunity to try Georgia Bob’s BBQ in Byron. We’ve been going out to eat a fair amount lately, and have had a craving for barbecue. We’ve not had a chance to try Georgia Bob’s, but since we were in the neighborhood for a kids birthday part at Party Playground, we stopped by for lunch.

The atmosphere was laid-back country comfort but with large-screen tvs playing a variety of sports competitions. Several rooms give patrons the opportunity to sit away from the television for good ol’ family time, but free Wi-Fi was available everywhere.

Georgia Bob's Chicken Salad
Georgia Bob’s chicken salad with sweet potato tots and Brunswick stew. Photo by Doug Deal.

The menu has a lot of variety beyond your standard barbecue fare, including sandwiches, burgers, and a number of different salads.

I tried the chicken salad sandwich plate, with a cup of Brunswick stew and sweet potato tots. The meat portion was generous, as were the side portions. Chicken salad is highly subject to personal taste, and I truly enjoyed Georgia Bob’s combination.

Georgia Bob's Pulled Pork Plate
Georgia Bob’s pulled port plate with enough meat for a good sized sandwich and leftovers to eat plain. Photo by Doug Deal.

The meat takes center stage, with a conservative amount of mayonnaise and other ingredients. There are nuts mixed in, which I am guessing are pecans but could have been walnuts.

The sweet potato tots were a fun, new taste for me, and a nice alternative to french fries or potato salad.

My husband chose a barbecue sandwich plate, which he paired with baked beans and Brunswick stew. There were three sauces on the table: mild, sweet, and saucy, and all three were delicious. After making a sandwich, he had ample meat leftover. The barbecue had a smoky flavor, but not overly so.

Georgia Bob's Sauces
Georgia Bob’s offers three choices for sauces, hot, mild and sweet. All are delicious and there is also Tabasco on the table. Photo by Doug Deal.

The beans were hearty and flavorful, and the Brunswick stew was well-balanced. Both complimented the barbecue nicely.

Georgia Bob’s BBQ was a good dining experience, and a nice place to relax and enjoy a meal. They also offer family packs, party packs, and tailgating platters; seasonally, they have holiday packs, such as ham dinners at Christmas time.

Georgia Bob's Decor
Georgia Bob’s interior is a country music/rock theme. Photo by Doug Deal.
Georgia Bob's Menu Part 1
Part 1 of Georgia Bob’s Menu. Photo by Doug Deal.
Georgia Bob's Menu Part 2
Part 2 of Georgia Bob’s Menu. Photo by Doug Deal.


Twang in old Payne City gives food a southern accent

Twang's exterior
Exterior shot of Twang Southern Tastes and Sounds. Photo by Doug Deal.

My wife and I are often on the lookout for new places to eat or for places that we might have missed in our 10 plus years living in Macon. It is always exciting to find another place to eat that has something deliciously different to offer, and Twang is such a place.

As the name suggests, the restaurant puts a southern accent on its menu and comfort food abounds. While deciding, we ordered and split the three appetizer sampler, which came with deep fried mac and cheese balls, friend green tomatoes and catfish fingers. This was served with three different sauces to match the nature of each app.

Twangs Finger Pickin' Trio
Twangs Finger Pickin’ Trio appetizer, fried green tomatoes, catfish fingers and mac and cheese balls. $10. Photo by Doug Deal.

As for my meal, I had trouble deciding, but went with the chicken and waffles which I have not had since I lived in Atlanta over 12 years ago. The waffle reminded me of a slightly less sweet Belgian waffle than you might make at home. This was paired with fried chicken strips and a tasty syrup that I poured over the pile of food.

The entree was served with a side and I chose to load up the carbs with smokey macaroni and cheese.  The plate was way too much for me to eat, so I took approximately half of it home in a box for later.

Twang's Chicken and Waffle
Twang’s Chicken and Waffle, served with one side and syrup. $14. Photo by Doug Deal.

My wife got the catfish and paired it with beans and Gouda grits.  My wife’s commentary was that they were “very Gouda”. She loved her catfish fingers and complained that she ate too much because they were too delicious to stop eating.

The kids had the kid plates and at $5.50, it’s a pretty good deal. My son had the cheese quesadilla and my daughter had the hot dog. My son paired his with french fries and my daughter paired hers with the Gouda grits that she also thoroughly enjoyed.

For the kids, the best part was the scoop of ice cream that comes with the kids meals. Both children finished every last bite.

Twang Mac and Cheese
Twang’s Mac and Cheese. Photo by Doug Deal.

Twang is an excellent restaurant, hidden in Payne City at 342 Rose Ave. It is worth the effort to find and if you go, be sure to check-in on Facebook. We had a wonderful welcome by the staff for doing so.

Twang is open every day except Monday for lunch and dinner, closing at 9PM most days but open later on the weekends.  More information can be found at their website.

Twang Gator
The country and southern decor are plentiful at Twang. Photo by Doug Deal.
Twang's Menu page 1
Page one of Twang’s menu. Photo by Doug Deal.
Twang's Menu page 2
Page two of Twang’s menu. Photo by Doug Deal.
Twang's Menu page 3
Page three of Twang’s menu. Photo by Doug Deal.

Area filmmakers shooting TV pilot in Macon

A group of independent Middle Georgia filmmakers are shooting a television pilot in the coming weeks in Macon.  The working title is “The Hutchins”, which is a sitcom that combines the wholesome quality of family sitcoms of the past with the issues of today such as the problems with social media.

Kaden McMillion as Olin
Kaden McMillion has been cast as Olin, the eight-year-old adoptive son of the Hutchins. Photo courtesy The Hutchins.

According to Producer Mista Martel the story is “Andy Griffith meets Family Matters.  We are seeking to meet a need. and bring a true family sitcom to prime-time.”

The eponymous Hutchins “are a family on the move” according to the production’s press kit. The story will follow the parents Denver (Michael H. Cole) and Wednesday (Sharon Wilson), and their children, teenage daughter September (Kelly Johns), eight year old Olin (Kaden McMillion) and college-aged Giselle (Emmaleigh Bailey).

“Our goal is to enhance the status of the local Georgia film industry from the inside – local feature film – locally produced and filmed.”   As an independent group, they are working with Indiegogo to raise capital for the productions costs.

Michael H Cole star of The Hutchins
Michael H Cole is slated to star as Mr. Hutchins, the family patriarch. Photo courtesy of the Hutchins.

The project is headed by producers Mista Martel & Sam Wilson who have worked together on a number of other projects. They bring in series writer Mary Kate Allen who will round out the creative team.

Mr. Martel is also and actor and has been in TV shows such as Rectify and Resurrection.  Sam Wilson is fresh off Podcasters where he was executive producer.

This project will bring some of the excitement of the booming film industry to Macon, which has been host to several large and small production TV shows and feature films.

Their fundraising on Indiegogo has concluded, but they are still looking for contributors who can help in any way. Since they are independent, every contribution goes a long way.

To reach the production, send email to

Fireworks ordinance to come before the Macon-Bibb County Commission

Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Mallory Jones
Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Mallory Jones. Photo Courtesy Facebook.

According to Commissioner Mallory Jones, a firework ordinance will be considered by the Operations and Finance Committee on July 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM. The legislation will add a noise restriction after 9:00 PM on all nights of the year except December 31, January 1, July 3 and July 4. The state restricts what local governments can do on those nights as they are nights that are traditionally popular for the launching of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day and the New year.

On his Facebook page, Commissioner Jones wrote “The only thing we can revise if the Commission will approve is to eliminate the use of Fireworks after 9:00 pm with a Noise Ordinance.”

The members of the committee include:

Gary Bechtel – Committee Chairman
Elaine Lucas – Committee Vice-Chairman
Scotty Shepherd
Virgil Watkins
Larry Schlesinger

Jones is not a member of the committee, but would have a vote if considered by the full commission upon approval of the Operations and Finance Committee.

What do you think about the proposed restrictions and what are your thoughts after the fireworks on and around Independence Day?

Movie Stop going out of business

Movie Stop Going Out of Business
The Movie Stop on Presidential Parkway in Macon is closing as are all 44 stores in 10 states as the company is being liquidated. Graphic courtesy

Movie Stop is liquidating its company and going out of business this month, which means all 44 stores in 10 states will be shuttered. During this shutdown, all merchandise at the Presidential Parkway location (as well as all the other stores) will be significantly marked.

Currently, most merchandise, including Funko Pop figurines, board games, costumes and pop memorabilia are 40% off. As the closing date of July 13, 2016 approaches the markdowns will increase.

Larger markdowns are available on new and used movies in DVD and Blu-Ray format. The stores are also liquidating their infrastructure and have merchandise shelving and tables for sale as well.